Self-storage center proposed for Dale Boulevard

CubeSmart Self Storage as it would look from Dale Boulevard. The site would have a second access point off of Mapledale Avenue. Submitted to Prince William County

A Dale City intersection already primed for a new Sheetz convenience store and gas station might soon also see a new self-storage business.

A special use permit application currently under review by county planners proposes a CubeSmart Self-Storage business at the intersection of Mapledale Avenue and Dale Boulevard.

The business would be located on more than four acres on two sides of the McDonald’s restaurant at the corner. There will be access from both roads, but the main entrance will be on Dale Boulevard.

The location would be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, with electronic gate code access for customers during that time.

Self-storage center proposed for Dale Boulevard layout

The layout of the site, as presented to Prince William County. The main building would be along Dale Boulevard, with single-story buildings filling the back of the lot and a 50-foot buffer between the business and the neighboring homes.

Developers are asking for a special use permit to allow the self-storage use, as well as a modification to the zoning ordinance to allow storage units that are 50 percent larger than what is currently allowed. The property is currently zoned Residential Planned Community with a commercial designation.

There will be a 50-foot buffer on the side of the property that faces the Mapledale neighborhood.

The plans include a three-story self-storage building and seven single-story buildings that are expected to have a “cohesive architectural theme with the surrounding commercial uses,” according to the application.

In July, county supervisors approved a Sheetz at the corner of Dale Boulevard and Queensdale Drive in front of the Giant shopping center.

Sheetz to replace abandoned gas station in Dale City

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Please no!!!! There is just to much construction going on in and around PWC. Sheetz will be fine as it is and will help beautify the area.


Please no!!!!!!! we love the nature , the forest ,this is a nice community, the traffic start to be impossible and if you add this his going to be impossible to drive around and why putting this where they are house ........ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO THANK YOU


It's really wonderful to see how the self storage industry continues to grow around the world and from the look of the digital rendering, I have no doubt that these storage services will be housed in a wonderful facility when this building is finished. The owners should be really very proud of the designer who is helping to design the facility around their storage units!

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