From left to right, Gary D. Rappaport, CEO, Rappaport; Daphne Rappaport (behind); Renee Gorham, Founder, She Believes in Me; Mayor Lisa Merkel Mayor; Michelle Galliano, She Believes in Me; Melissa McKenna, Vice Chair, FCRHA.

Rappaport has expanded its relationship with She Believes in Me, a Herndon non-profit providing at-risk girls the opportunity to participate in activities designed to encourage, empower and inspire, by donating space at Worldgate Centre.

Launched at a ribbon cutting held this week with a SBIM founder Renee Gorham, Rappaport executives, and community leaders, the retail space will ensure that SBIM has enough room to meet the growing needs of the community.

“We are thrilled to be able to financially support She Believes in Me and the outstanding services they are offering young girls and their families in Herndon,” explained CEO Gary Rappaport, who along with his wife Daphne, has been a strong supporter of SBIM since its founding. “Making our community strong is important to our company. SBIM is filling a vital and growing need, and we are proud to make it easier for them to do so.”

SBIM was founded in 2018 by a group of school counselors, teachers, and social workers. These professionals recognized an urgent and growing need to provide support to young girls in the Herndon community, many of whom were suffering as a result of poverty and trauma. The mission of SBIM is to empower these girls through enrichment activities and mentoring, allowing them to become confident and strong members of the community.

Since COVID-19 began, SBIM has enhanced its mission to meet the new needs of the community. Supported in part by a partnership with Floris United Methodist Church, SBIM has provided emergency food and supplies directly to the homes of the girls and their families in the community. It needed space to organize the various donation efforts and volunteer activities. Rappaport, a real estate firm with a specialization in Washington, D.C. region’s retail sector, answered SBIM’s need to serve the community by providing large retail space convenient to the neighborhoods SBIM serves.

Through donations of food and time by members of the surrounding communities as well as partnerships with other non-profits in the area, SBIM has continually fed over 100 families throughout the spring and summer months. The non-profit also partnered with Food for Others in D.C., and through COVID-19 federal relief grants received by Food for Others, will be able to provide families with fresh groceries once a month well into 2021.

"She Believes in Me empowers young women to make a difference from providing groceries to families experiencing food insecurity, holiday gifts for children and teens in need, to working with volunteers to get desks to students for virtual learning. She Believes in Me is making a positive impact on the Herndon community and, I’m grateful for all that they do," explained Herndon Mayor Lisa Merkel at the ribbon cutting ceremony this week.

As a top commercial real estate broker in DC, Rappaport specializes in the region’s retail sector. The company manages and leases properties owned by Rappaport, institutions, families and others. Founded more than 30 years ago, Rappaport is a trusted retail adviser with strong connections and in-depth market awareness.

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