PGA fellowship in Stafford brings minority professionals into golf industry

Tamja Brown is the first PGA WORKS fellow and works at the Middle Atlantic PGA Section in Stafford County.

Following the concept of “If you can see it, you can be it,” the PGA of America is moving to diversify who works in the golf business or plays the game.

Stafford resident Tajma Brown, 24, has set a high bar in her role as one of the first to join the PGA WORKS Fellowship in the Middle Atlantic PGA Section, which is headquartered in Stafford.  

The fellowship is a 12-month, paid entry-level employment for individuals from diverse backgrounds to get golf-industry experience through PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America.

“I’ve interned with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Wilmington Blue Rocks, and I’ve also worked with a Division I athletic team—but I’ve never had a background in golf,” said Brown, a native of Wilmington, Del.

 Brown said she is passionate about the local community and is thrilled to have the chance to work at the Middle Atlantic PGA Section.

“Stafford is almost like a hidden little gem,” said Brown of living in the community. “It has almost everything I need directly in the city, with larger cities just a few miles away. The city is very inclusive, much more than I anticipated when I got the job. The people I’ve met at the banks, restaurants, and grocery stores are super sweet.”

  A Hampton University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in sport management and a master’s in sport management from West Virginia University, Brown is gathering lifelong experiences and professional exposure to the golf industry and corporate America.

“You just want to do what you love, and I love working in sports,” Brown said. “In five years, I see myself working with a task force at the PGA to help bring more women and other minority groups into the game. I feel like I was made for this position.”

 Brown assists with the PGA Jr. League, junior golf tournaments and the foundational elements of the Junior Golf Alumni Association. She takes an active role in the section’s communications and promotional initiatives, assists with the restructuring of the junior golf platform on the section’s website, writes articles for the monthly newsletter and creates content for social media.

This work has introduced Brown to just how special the game of golf is and its ability to change the lives of the people who play it, according to the PGA. 

“My experience has been amazing,” Brown said. “It has been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve met a lot of great people, and I’ve had a lot of great skills added to my repertoire. I’m very proud of this program and where it’s trying to go.”

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