Ashburn-based cybersecurity company Telos Inc. has hired Nathan Lefebvre as a program manager to lead its emerging digital identity programs in the transportation business sector.

Lefebvre brings more than 20 years of experience to the role, having led major transportation security and screening programs for the Transportation Security Administration and several leading technology companies. 

“Nathan’s extensive experience working with TSA will no doubt prove invaluable as we increase the momentum of our digital identity business,” said John B. Wood, CEO and chairman of Telos. “We’re eager to engage his expertise to further align our identity solutions with future airport security checkpoint and traveler screening initiatives.”

Before joining Telos, Lefebvre was portfolio manager for the Passenger Screening Program Carry-On Baggage technology portfolio at TSA, consisting of various checkpoint screening technologies accounting for a total of $1.7 billion in lifecycle costs. He also served as the lead desk officer for the Asia Pacific region in the Office of Global Strategies and the supervisory manager in the Office of Training and Workforce Engagement. He has extensive expertise in security checkpoint screening equipment (X-ray, metal detectors, trace detection, advanced imaging technology and explosive detection systems), security screening procedures (checkpoint & checked baggage) and X-ray image interpretation.

 “Having witnessed firsthand the rapid emergence of digital identity technology in the transportation domain, I am excited at the opportunity to manage digital transformation initiatives leveraging Telos’ IDTrust360platform,” Lefebvre said. “Telos has a sterling reputation as an innovative leader in identity and cybersecurity technologies, and it’s great to be part of the team.”

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