Developer makes tweaks on new Maple Ave. proposal

A linear park and landscaping would grace the rear of a proposed mixed-use redevelopment of an office-building site at 380 Maple Ave., W., in Vienna.

[Corrected to update information on the entities that have proposed redeveloping 380 Maple Ave., W.; materials published by the Vienna town government listing the ownership were incorrect.]

Developers proposing a mixed-use redevelopment project at 380 Maple Ave., W., have modified their plans to address issues raised by a controversial rezoning application one block west.

Red Investment LLC and MJW Maple Ave. LLC plan to seek a rezoning from the town to allow the property at Maple Avenue, W., and Wade Hampton Drive, S.W., to be redeveloped into a four-story building with commercial and residential uses.

Dennis Rice, who is involved with one of the companies pursuing the project, outlined the applicants’ plans Sept. 12 during a joint work session with the Vienna Town Council and Vienna Planning Commission.

Anticipating concerns raised at Vienna Development Associates LLC’s proposed redevelopment at 430, 440 and 444 Maple Ave., W., Rice said his application would reduce the amount of rooftop elements to keep the building’s height lower; offer consolidated open space instead of counting smaller, disparate elements toward the required total; and entail a traffic study of six nearby intersections, which would be performed by a company different from the one that has overseen such efforts for other recent projects in the town.

The building would have one level of underground parking with 77 spaces for residents, topped by a ground floor with about 7,500 square feet of commercial or retail space and 34 parking spaces.

The applicants also recently proposed adding an intermediate parking level behind the retail area, with 36 spaces directly above the lot on the first floor. Doing so would keep the building from having to go below the water table – a concern expressed by residents regarding another MAC case – and would speed up construction by three months to a year and a half, Rice said.

The top three floors would house a total of between 38 and 40 residential condominiums, which would have two or three bedrooms each and range in size roughly between 1,200 and 1,700 square feet. All those units would be allotted two parking spaces each.

Retirees likely would occupy many of the units, predicted Rice, who noted the building would offer a key feature sought by that demographic: one-story living.

Residents would access the building from Wade Hampton Drive, S.W., and that side of the building also would have service ports shielded by rolling doors, Rice said.

A three-story office building constructed in 1970 now occupies the site. The new structure would rise up to 51 feet tall (plus a few feet more for the parapet), but the top two floors would be set back an additional 11 feet from Glen Avenue, S.W., to reduce the aesthetic impact on neighbors.

Each residential floor would be 11 feet tall, with 9-foot ceilings inside the units. The developer has proposed increasing the height of the ground floor from 15 to 18 feet because retailers have expressed interest in extra height.

The structure also would be designed for future accommodation of solar panels and would feature a small park on the property’s rear for use by the condominium residents and their guests, plus an open area for the public. About 24 percent of the site would be devoted to open space (the MAC zone requires at least 15 percent).

In order to lessen the project’s traffic impacts on the neighborhood, the building would be designed for ready access by delivery trucks and ride-sharing companies, Rice said.

The building will have a varied façade, and most residential units will be equipped with balconies. An open stairwell on the structure’s Wade Hampton Drive side would add a vertical element, said architect Tom Kyllo.

Kyllo said he was trying to work historical elements into the building’s aesthetic.

“We started at the corner [of Maple Avenue and Wade Hampton Drive] and gave it the feel of something that was there when we were younger,” he said.

The application, which has not been submitted formally yet to the town, would be made under the Vienna’s voluntary Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) zoning ordinance, under which developers can obtain increases in building height and density in exchange for providing architectural features other amenities sought by town officials.

Town officials have spent the summer dealing with hundreds of angry residents concerned about the visual, traffic, water-table and infrastructure impacts Vienna Development Associates LLC’s MAC proposal, which seeks to build 160 multi-family residential units and 20,136 square feet of retail space at 430, 440 and 444 Maple Ave., W.

That developer is reworking the proposal in hopes of making it more palatable to the Town Council. The Council is slated to vote on the matter Oct. 29.

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