Lee Highway planning process

An Arlington County government map shows the extent of the Lee Highway corridor planning process, looking something akin to a matronly snake.

The Arlington County government is hosting two upcoming community workshops on the future of Lee Highway.

The events will detail progress made during the first phase of the effort to design a plan for the corridor’s future. Workshops are slated for:

• Friday, Jan. 31 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

• Saturday, Feb. 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Each will be held at Washington-Liberty High School. (For information, see the Website at www.arlingtonva.us and go to “Projects & Planning.”)

Lee Highway (U.S. Route 29) in Arlington stretches on a mostly east-west line from Rosslyn in the eastern part of the county to East Falls Church in the western end. It encompasses 14 civic associations along the way.

The redevelopment effort is designed to look at land immediately adjacent to the roadway and within a quarter-mile north and south of it.

The planning process has always been something of a red-headed stepchild among Arlington government priorities – never rising quite high enough on the priority list.

“We’ve had lots of hiccups in getting there,” acknowledged County Board member Christian Dorsey when, in 2018, the government took steps to jump-start the process with creation of a task force, two years after the community created an organization to start thinking about redevelopment efforts.

As a result, redevelopment in the corridor has been running ahead of government planning for it, something in contrast to, say, the Columbia Pike corridor, where the main burst of development came only after a development plan was in place.

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AKA Clarendon II aka Clarendon West...Another In-fill Gentrification Charade..

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