Yyotta, LLC, an internet exchange point, datacenter and managed services company based in Stafford, this week announced plans to build a facility at the Quantico Corporate Center.

Yyotta will offer its IXP, network transport and managed service solutions through its iFortress TM modular datacenter, a facility used by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers’ clients. The IXP will be open in Jun 2016. The company is focused on developing a cyber security “community of practice” serving Virginia.

“We chose Quantico Corporate Center because it represents a regional nexus of local, state, federal and Department of Defense stakeholders in cybersecurity education, training and readiness,” Yyotta managing partner George Hinckley said in a news release. “The region’s global influence and demand for virtually unlimited capacity and reliability is consistent with our own growth strategies here in Virginia and nationally. Collectively, we look forward to providing high bandwidth infrastructure and data center solutions to new and existing customers.”

Yyotta’s IXP and datacenter consists of two secure data center rooms encompassing 2,480 square feet of computer room floor and 500 kW of UPS power capacity. The IXP is the only multi-tenant datacenter in Stafford. Yyotta’s Quantico Corporate Center customers have the option to choose from a 1Gig, 10Gig, or dark fiber connectivity solutions, delivered over private, low-latency networks to Washington, Ashburn, Middletown and Richmond.

“Stafford County is excited to see Yyotta’s investment in the Quantico Corporate Center and its planned connectivity and cloud-based services to meet customer bandwidth and infrastructure support demands,” said Tim Baroody, Stafford’s deputy county administrator said in the release. “Yyotta’s Quantico datacenter enables the region’s small and large commercial, academia and government customers with a tremendous resource fueling continued economic and workforce progress.”

For more information, visit www.Yyotta.com.

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Andrew S

The company is certainly moving one step ahead with this new strategy. They need to make sure that they are offering best service to the clients. However, the IT sector is now full of opportunities and it is a good time to have a career here. The job seekers must have knowledge in cutting edge technical matters like CMMS system.

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