Shirley Contracting Company LLC has been awarded the contract for the Leesburg Bypass Improvement Project, designed to ease congestion on the Route 7/U.S. Route 15 bypass at the western end of the Dulles Greenway in Leesburg. 

In announcing the contract Tuesday, the Greenway said construction will begin shortly and is estimated to be completed by early 2022.

Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II), which owns the Dulles Greenway, joined a tri-party agreement with Loudoun County and the town of Leesburg to develop options to relieve congestion at the west end of the Greenway. The Virginia Department of Transportation provided guidance and oversight throughout design process. During the past two years, representatives from these groups came together to finalize planning presented by Dewberry Engineers Inc., the project’s engineer.  The request for bids was issued in early December, and bids were received in early January. 

The approved project design extends the third westbound entrance ramp on the State Route 7/ U.S. Route 15 Bypass and ends just before the existing bridge over South King Street. Per their agreement, Loudoun County and TRIP II will fund this project equally. TRIP II will manage the construction and design implementation on behalf of Loudoun County. Once the project is completed and accepted according to VDOT’s standards, the ownership of the roadway will transfer to the state. 

“After years of planning and design approvals for the Leesburg Bypass project, and following a competitive bid process, we are pleased to move forward with Shirley Contracting on this important roadway improvement project,” said TRIP II CEO Renée N. Hamilton. “The Leesburg Bypass project is another example of the Dulles Greenway’s continued commitment to our partnerships with Loudoun County and the town of Leesburg, and to improving the transportation infrastructure in Loudoun County and the Northern Virginia region.” 

Shirley Contracting estimated a total project cost of $4.41 million. Initial designs and preliminary planning estimated the project would cost up to $6 million.  

The Dulles Greenway will remain open throughout the construction period. Information about traffic changes will be publicized as the construction timelines are set.  

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