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A bicycle rider was robbed by two males with a firearm on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail near Williamsburg Road in Sterling on Sunday, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. 

At approximately 12:20 p.m. a bicycle rider was approached by two suspects.

One suspect brandished a firearm and demanded the rider hand over her belongings.

The victim’s jewelry, bag, cell phone, and bicycle were stolen. The suspects fled the area on bicycles.

The victim reported minor injuries from the incident. 

The suspects were described as two Hispanic males, approximately 18 years of age. One male was thin and was seen wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and a white hat. The other male was heavy set and was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt.

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MS-13 taking over the bike trails now! This is what Prince William country can look forward to in November once the Democrats take over the county and turn it into a sanctuary county.

Fubarus Rex

Oh, please - that's ridiculous, ignores the history of MS-13 as well as the fact that immigrants, legal or not, commit less crime than citizens. You're responding from a place of fear stoked by cynical and manipulative politicians.


Yeah, because Northern Virginia has a history or robbing people on bike trails or chopping up people with machetes or engage in human smuggling etc,etc,etc.

Don’t worry the open border Democrats will be leading the way to invite caravans and caravans or illegals into Prince William county on Nov 5th so everyone will be able to see for themselves what it’s like to live in an illegal alien majority county soon enough.


So this must be the real reason why that so many of the Prince William County Police Officers will not accept free, all utilities paid apartments in areas that have high concentration of MS-13 and Asian gang members.

All the property owner's are asking for is one of their cruisers parked overnight in the parking lot's. The property owners and the cops are just being ridiculous. And all of those officer needs assistance radio calls are nothing but cynical dispatcher's overreacting and/or being manipulated by politicians. I'll bet that this is why most of the local shopping stores have hired armed security guards for the inside of their stores and roving patrols in the parking lots too.

Why not just say the only problem is Trump and get it over with?


More of the democrats ILLEGALS doing good deeds in the community....


Conceal carry and bang two dead spice

Allen Muchnick

I suppose Virginia's extremely lax gun laws had nothing to do with 18-year-olds brandishing guns on people in a public park.


Let's see if we can narrow locations down a little bit. Are we talking recent events? Assuming we are is the public park you're referring to one where they keep finding Hispanic bodies in the woods? If so then is it Linden Park at the end of Coppermine Drive in Manassas, the body in the woods of a public park on Minnieville Road in Dale City, the body found in Veterans Park, Woodbridge, the one found floating face down in the Potomac near Tim's Rivershore Restaurant, the one found in the Point of Woods Park off of Liberia Avenue or is it one that I missed? Most, if not all of these dead bodies were Hispanics and all of the incidents were attributed to gang related killings, specifically mentioning MS-13 in many of them.

I don't recall noticing that many 18 year old shooters mentioned in the Prince William County Police Daily Incident Reports. I do, however see an endless stream of assaults, armed robberies, home burglaries, brandishing firearms incidents in local housing areas, near schools and shopping centers (like Sudly Road Walmart) or houses set of fire killing three people on Lomond Drive near two small public parks. Most if not all incidents of which involved Hispanics and/or Hispanic gangs. The usual wrap-up goes something like this wasn't a random act, there isn't any threat to the public. Never mind the pop pop pop gunfire exchanges between two cars going by your house or the bullets whizzing through your house windows? (Woodbridge) Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who has newer double hung windows and the second pane stopped the hollow core-lock projectile from going into your den where the kids were watching TV?

What extremely lax Virginia gun laws are you referring to? A bunch of anti-gun activists keep saying this stuff but not one of them have been able to even provide a clue about what they are talking about. Virginia isn't the strictest in the country and it is by no means of measurement lax. If you want lax try nearby West Virginia or Montana or Texas or Alaska. They have lax like it used to be when America was still not ruled by Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour gatherings super funded by extreme left socialists.

Note: If you able to read this comment (+ like it) copy it to your clipboard into a PC file. The odds are it will not survive the evening on Inside Nova. Been there done that before.

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