A burglar broke into the Food Lion at 12420 Dillingham Square in Lake Ridge early Monday, forced his way into the pharmacy with a crow bar and stole medication, police say.

Officers were called to an alarm at the store at 4:22 a.m. and found damage to the front door.

Surveillance footage revealed that a blue Ford Taurus stopped in front of the business before an unknown man exited and forced his way into the store, Prince William County police Master Officer Renee Carr said.

Once inside, the suspect used a crowbar to force his way into the pharmacy area, where he took medication then fled the store in the Ford Taurus. No additional property was reported missing.

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Ralf Bee

So much crime and lawlessness now in PWC, thanks to the Dems! In Dale City, on Dale Blvd to include Lindendale, there are drag races EVERY night ! Told the police three times, no police patrol, nor even the sound of one! Our commonwealth will be much better off when we become a Red state in November !

J Jonah Jameson

Please explain what policies lead to your opinion. Republicans are never precise because the second they have to deviate from vague talking points they show how uneducated they truly are. You'll never see one say, "If they hadn't passed *specific bill/law* this never would have happened." It's always, "This is the result of Democrat policy!" There's a reason for that. They're not mad about policy, they're mad their fascist sports team didn't win the popularity contest on the platform of, "dem bad, R good." Good luck in November, you're gonna need it. Your party is fractured and weakened and independents don't want any part of your fascistic coup attempts. Looking forward to you all whining about rigged elections every term until your party ceases to exist.

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