Investigators have released surveillance video of two unidentified men suspected of spray painting graffiti on the Confederate statue on the Loudoun County Courthouse grounds in Leesburg.

The statue was vandalized sometime after midnight Thursday with graffiti that included "obscene language," Loudoun County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Kraig Troxell said.

The graffiti was removed Thursday morning and there was no permanent damage to the statue.

Authorities are trying to track down more security footage from the area, Troxell said.

Loudoun County Courthouse Confederate statue vandalized

Crews worked to remove graffiti spray-painted on the Confederate statue at the Loudoun County Courthouse in August 2017. Tonya Fields/InsideNoVa

Confederate statues have come under scrutiny in recent days after the death of a woman in Charlottesville during a white nationalist rally to protect that city's statue of Robert E. Lee.

Heather Heyer was killed at the event when a man drove into a crowd of counter protesters. At least 19 others were injured.

Unknown vandals also spray-painted obscenities at Washington's Lincoln Memorial earlier this week.

The Sheriff's Office asks that anyone with information regarding the vandalism in Leesburg contact  703-777-0475.

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We have lost our country

Joe Young

I despise all things confederate but I despise these lawbreakers even more. You lose all credibility when you take the law into your own hands to voice your displeasure.

Brad London

These Alt-Left are just like ISIS. ISIS does the same thing.


So it's ok to start spray painting MLK statues???

Brad London

No, ALL MLK statues need to be torn down immediately. After all he was against gay marriage and the wacky liberals can't deal with that.


one guy looks like Fidel Castro's twin. (Guy in green hat)


Those people are noting but worst than animals ,shouting abuses at a single brave man .


This is the problem with lefties and liberals, they don't want any one to have their right but their own,,Shame on them. I 'm not white and I voted for Trump and lot of my non white friends also voted for Trump. God bless America and Trump.

Martin Geter

What is your point? Are you claiming that a non-white person did this?

Martin Geter

And your point? Are you saying the vandals who did this are non-white?

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