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Fairfax County voters on Nov. 6 overwhelmingly approved $182 million worth of public-safety bonds that will bolster infrastructure at local police, fire and court facilities.

With all but one of 243 precincts reporting, voters had supported the bond referendum by a more than 2-to-1 margin, with 322,604 voting in the affirmative and 140,827voting against.

The referendum will result in $73 million going to the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, $59 million to the county’s police department and $50 million to the county’s court system and Adult Detention Center.

Fire officials will renovate four fire stations that are at least 37 years old. Those stations and their funding include Mount Vernon and Fairview ($16 million each) and Gunston and Seven Corners ($13 million apiece). The department also will receive $15 million to renovate, expand or replace one of eight volunteer fire stations that is at least four decades old.

The Fairfax County Police Department will be allotted $59 million, which it will use to renovate and expand Mason District Station ($23 million), renovate and upgrade the county’s Criminal Justice Academy ($18 million) and renovate, expand or replace the police-evidence-storage building ($18 million).

The bond also will supply $45 million to replace major building systems and renovate outdated security systems in all three wings of the county’s Adult Detention Center and an additional $5 million to improve courtroom lighting, install Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades, provide technological improvements and conduct ceiling replacements and repairs at the Jennings Judicial Center.

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