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A young man thrown from the roof of a car last week died from his injuries Wednesday, according to Fairfax County police.

Samran Khan, 19, of Springfield, was laying on the roof of a 1997 Honda Civic around 10 p.m. Aug. 16 near Hooes Road and Beverly Park Drive. When the driver turned onto Beverly Park Drive, Khan fell from the car.

The driver cooperated with detectives, and neither speed nor alcohol appear to be factors in the incident, police said.

The investigation continues. Anyone with information about this crash is asked to contact the Crash Reconstruction Unit at 703-280-0543. 

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Harlan Messinger

"Anyone with information about this crash ...": What crash? You didn't say there was a crash.


Check with Darwin-I think he might know something.


I am betting he will never do that again. He won another one of the Darwin awards.


Some comments here are insensitive. This young man was someone’s son. People of that age feel invincible and often make ill informed decisions which can lead to their demise.

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