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Karold Stallard is charged with raping and sexually assaulting a student at Evangel Christian School in the 1980s.

A former teacher at a private school in Dale City has been charged with raping a student in the 1980s, and police say school officials did not notify them when they learned of the alleged abuse.

Former Evangel Christian School teacher Karold Stallard, 77, was arrested Monday at his home in Earlysville after the victim went to police on June 21, said Prince William County police spokesman Jonathan Perok.

The alleged sexual assaults took place starting in 1982, when the victim was 12 years old, and continued through 1987.

Stallard was the victim’s teacher and some of the assaults took place at school, Perok said.

In 1990, the victim and her family notified the school at 14836 Ashdale Ave. of the alleged assaults, Perok said. School officials apparently conducted an investigation and Stallard was fired, but the incidents were never reported to authorities, Perok said.

Virginia law requires teachers or anyone employed by a public or private school to report suspected abuse to Child Protective Services.

Perok said police won’t pursue charges against the school in this case because the statute of limitations has run out.

School principal Peter Timmons said he can't comment on the case. He has been the school's administrator for six years.

Stallard is charged with rape, forcible sodomy, two counts of aggravated sexual battery and two counts of indecent liberties by a custodian, Perok said.

He is being held without bond at the Prince William-Manassas regional jail.


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You have to love Christians working at Christian schools. In fact, you have to love the school administrators that violated the law by not reporting this to the police. I just shake my head when remembering all the pressure the City of Manassas put on the adult store located there, claiming 'young children' from Seaton would be exposed to adult content. I suspect some of those young children are being abused by a teacher or administrator and someone is sweeping it under the rug to protect the image of the school.

just me

actually amos since this was not reported to police he could just use any excuse why he got fired and yes 77 yr olds are still able to molest so he is still a threat to society the embarassment and shame that comes when this happens to you is not easily explained so yes i believe it took this long and yes he is still a threat to society and he needs to be locked away before it happens again as im sure this girl was not his only victim

Joan Middleton

Angelfly has made some very good points for all of you who wonder why the victim waited so long. I happen to know the story behind this whole matter. I have a very good idea what the victim has good through and now I have learned that she is getting angry calls from some thoughtless people and the school is angry with her!! I also know that the victim has spent many of the intervening years helping other victims of sexual abuse, including someone very close to me! I have seen statistics that the typical sex offender abuses 150 times or more before they are caught. Offenders also virtually never change even with counseling. This victim is hoping that by publicizing her experience that others will have the courage to come forward.

Mini Duck

Life in prison is too good for this low life!!! I hope the inmates take care of him, but made him suffer before ending his life. From what I hear Animals like him don't last long in prison. As for the person that doesn't understand why she waited so long, read what the one lady said, then perhaps you will understand. I hope and Pray that it never happens to any of your loved ones. And I can assure all of you it is not being brought up at this late date for money. I hope if there are more that he so much as touched that they will come forward.

waldo pepper

If it was wrong for him to rape and abuse, how is it right to hope he gets raped and abused in prison. Rape is never ever right for any reason.


Let’s all remember everyone is innocent until proving guilty. We don't know what happened or if anything happened. This is a screwed up world we live in, 30 years is a long time for the mind to work through thing or create things.


Late justice is fine but I always wonder why they take so long to report it. Embarrassment? Don't know. My wife and I have a constant running argument about Juanita Broaddrick's alleged rape by Bill Clinton. My wife doesn't believe it because Broaddrick never reported it to the police. She had good reasons not to since she ran a nursing home that received state aid and she was allegedly warned off by Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, I'm glad this guy is where he is supposed to be. He should have been there a lot sooner.


Piece of sh$t. I hope you get whats left of your sorry life in prison. They love low life's like you in the prison. You have messed up a human life, for ever. damaged it. then now, it don't mater. Rot in hell. I hope the sisters get to you before the the of them do. then you might under stand what you have done.May be not. So long. [beam]

Amos Moses

What reason on earth, would you sit and wait 30 + years before you decide to press charges? Since she is no longer a minor, why not put her name in the article? What too embarrassed now to say I was raped 30 years ago, now I want something out of this (money or closure) Closure is good, but why not 15 or 20 years ago?

So now you are going to send a 77 year old man to jail, for what might be the rest of his life? They should sentence him to time served, as I am sure it was not easy for him to EVER get a job, without this hanging on his head.
Yes, he might have screwed up 30 years ago, is he a threat to society now? I would hardly doubt it! [censored]


He RAPED a child!!!!

What Fining world do you live in that would allow that????

waldo pepper

I would imagine that after reporting to the school and them doing next to nothing about it you might figure there is nothing more you can do. the of course you move on to college and then getting your adult life start so you put this horrible event as far behind you as you possibly can so it no longer takes up any part of your life. well as time goes by these events pops its ugly head in your mind from time to time and finally you realize you are strong enough to face seeking justice for the monster who raped you.

normally i'm a bit skeptical on these reports as forgetting about the age that at times they are mutual but not this time as in a round about way i know some of the parties involved.

This guy is a monster who raped an innocent young girl and continued to abuse her for years. I also would not doubt that if there money to come out of this crime that it would be used to help others and to stop this type of abuse.

Sherry DeFrank

Mr. Moses....I suppose you would understand more about waiting to report something like this so many years later. Before you go pointing fingers and judging someone, try walking in their shoes first. There are a TON of reasons I can think of.....

1. Kids are threatened, and family members are threatened...frightening victims into silence.
2. Accusations of consent. NO child consents to sex with an adult.
3. Embarrassment.
4. Shame.
5. Fear of criticism from people such as yourself.
6. Fear of nothing being done...Which seemed to have happened!

I could go on. But I will repeat. If you haven't been through something so heinous as this yourself, perhaps you shouldn't criticize so harshly.

Also. Justice should be done, no matter what age the abuser is.


And shame on the school for sweeping it under the carpet.


I'm not condemning the person this happened to. I just wonder why it took this long to come out.


What are the statute of limitations for crimes like this on an individual?


Under the Virginia criminal statute of limitations laws, there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault, or rape, as long as the charge is a felony.

She was a minor so no limit.



No statute of limitations for any felony

Va. Code Ann. § 19.2-8 Limitation of prosecutions

For any misdemeanor listed at left, within one year after commission of the offense.

Does not apply to any person fleeing from justice or concealing himself within or without the Commonwealth

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