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Ronald Hill Jr.

Detectives have charged a 32-year-old man for a series of robberies at one 7-Eleven store in Fairfax County.

The store at 9511 Blake Lane has been hit four times -- July 15, Aug. 22, Aug. 29, and Sept. 6. In each robbery, the suspect entered the store, assaulted an employee, stole merchandise and cash from the register.

On Sept. 9, detectives received information from a source that the suspect was involved in a trespassing incident and identified as Ronald Hill Jr., of no fixed address, Fairfax County police said in a news release.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage, confirmed that he was the suspect in the robberies and obtained warrants for four counts of robbery, the release said.

Hill was arrested Saturday by the City of Falls Church Police Department following a robbery that occurred in their jurisdiction and served with the four robbery warrants, police said.

Hill is being held in the Arlington County Adult Detention Center.

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Mike Hunt

Democrat run InsideNoVA will not allow comments on the obvious…. Democrat policy let this clown loose again and again. Sad.

J Jonah Jameson

Which policies, specifically, are you alluding to? I highly doubt you can point to one at all. All of the right wing talking points are vague for a reason - they're propaganda for idiots. It's a lot easier to shout about "Democrat policy" than it is to actually educate yourself and discuss specific policies. The talking heads you're parroting know that and thank you for being a useful idiot. Even Fox News admits you'd have to be unreasonable to believe anything they say is fact. It's all vague fear mongering designed to rile up the idiots who literally refuse to read deeper than a headline.

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