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Matias Sierra

A 22-year-old Stafford County man has been charged in connection with the theft of airbags from parked vehicles at an auto auction business.

On March 14 at 3:38 a.m., the Sheriff’s Office was notified by off-sight security that live security footage was showing a suspect unlawfully on the property of Insurance Auto Auctions, 15 Le Way Drive.

Upon arrival, deputies quickly organized to establish a perimeter around the business. An employee then arrived on scene to allow deputies access to the car lot at the rear of the business, the sheriff's office said in a news release.

While deputies maintained a perimeter, Sgt. L.A. Burgess, Deputy W.A. Bolinsky, and Deputy M.A. Pearce began to search the property. The deputies observed a flashlight in the distance and began closing in on the suspect.

As they approached the suspect, they ordered him to stop and he began to flee towards the fence line. The suspect was seen throwing a backpack over the fence before realizing he was not going to outrun the deputies, the release said. He complied with deputies’ commands and was arrested.

Deputies recovered the thrown backpack and found tools, a vehicle lock-out kit, and four airbags inside. It was discovered the airbags were stolen from vehicles parked at the business.

Matias Sierra, 22, of Stafford was charged with four counts of breaking and entering, four counts of vehicle tampering, possession of burglarious tools, entering property to damage, and possession of stolen property with intent to sell, the release said.

He was held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail on a $10,000 secured bond.

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ex-Hoodbridge resident

I had to ask myself why would anyone steal airbags. It turns out there is a black market for them. Auto shops can purchase them for as little as 200 and turn around and charge someone over a grand to replace one. But the real issue is that someone would not even know they are missing their air bag until its too late and a potentially lead to a death that could of been avoided or saved. Therefore they should throw the book at him, make an example, and nail him for four counts of attempted manslaughter. My two cents

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Manslaughter indeed!

John Dutko

Yes, the person would know if their airbag was missing.

A thief wants to steal in as fast a time as possible. They ain't concerned about whether it looks good.

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