Dulles Airport

A Pakistani national wanted in the murder-for-hire of a  businessman and well-known member of Richmond’s Muslim community was arrested this week at Dulles International Airport after arriving in the U.S., the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

It's believed Chaudhary “The Don” Arshad Mahmood, 60, fled the U.S. in 2015, returning to his native Pakistan, to escape prosecution in the murder of Adel M. Elmadany, who was found strangled and suffocated in his auto dealership outside Richmond.

Authorities previously alleged that Mahmood paid two Guatemalan nationals about $3,000 each to kill Elmadany.

The two co-defendants, Melvin Leonel Sandoval Vasquez, 25, of Washington, and Narcisco DeJesus Lemus Mendoza, 27, of Manassas, pleaded guilty in September 2016 to first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit capital murder, the Times-Dispatch reported.

Both were sentenced to 70 years in prison with 32 suspended, giving each 38 years to serve.

Prosecutors allege Mahmood apparently wanted the victim killed because Elmadany was helping Mahmood's wife deal with Mahmood's financial crimes.

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Two foreigners split $3,000 to kill a businessman. American murderers can't compete with these cheap foreign murderers.




So now, these two are going to spend decades in prison at taxpayers expense. Would it have been cheaper to either deport them or have them executed?

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