Walker and Anderson, Denny's shooting

Jordan Anderson, left, and Ryan Walker

The two men accused in the fatal shooting and robbery at a Manassas-area Denny’s on Dec. 26 could avoid a death penalty sentence, based on where charges currently stand.

Both of the 22-year-old suspects will be in court next month to face charges that include second-degree murder, according to preliminary case information filed online. A conviction would carry a punishment of at least five years and no more than 40 years in prison.

Jordan Anderson of Manassas and Ryan Thomas Walker of Chantilly have preliminary hearings at the Prince William County General District Court scheduled Thursday, Feb. 6.

Gordon Baer, executive aide for Prince William Commonwealth’s Attorney Amy Ashworth, said the office doesn't comment on pending cases due to the Virginia State Bar’s rules of professional conduct. 

Ashworth told InsideNoVa last month that at Anderson's preliminary hearing, her office will aim to show probable cause and that Anderson was the shooter. From there, Anderson’s case will be sent to a grand jury to decide if there is probable cause. If so, his case will be scheduled for trial, she said.

According to police, Anderson and Walker entered the Denny’s at 8201 Sudley Road around 2:25 a.m. on Dec. 26 and demanded cash and cell phones from diners and employees. 

Yusuf Ozgur, 56, of Manassas, was walking into the restaurant as the two robbers were leaving. 

Walker allegedly struck Ozgur in the head with a baton before Anderson shot him in the upper body, police said. Ozgur died at an area hospital from his injuries. Ozgur was a DoorDash driver picking up an order from the restaurant for deliveries.

A second victim, publicly identified only as a 34-year-old man from Rixeyville, was also shot in the upper body while complying with the robbers’ demands inside the restaurant, police said. He was treated for serious injuries at an area hospital.

Anderson has been charged with one count of second-degree murder, one count of malicious wounding and two counts of using a firearm in commission of a felony. He was arrested during a traffic stop on Sunday, Dec. 29, in Fairfax County. 

Walker is charged with second-degree murder, malicious wounding and attempted robbery of a business. He was arrested in Maryland. Both men are currently being held without bond at the Prince William Adult Detention Center.

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Tom Fitzpatrick

This is an absolute disgrace, and a crime in and of itself, and, of course, the natural expectation when you put progressives in the role of prosecutor.

Should we consider ourselves lucky that this isn't Philadelphia, where they would be released altogether and receive an apology from Virginia for the inconvenience?

Time for a recall election.

You do understand that they cannot be charged with first degree murder, which would justify the death penalty. It is best to get them on the second degree charge and have them spend the majority of their life in prison. Keep in mind, these laws is what the General Assembly put in place when they were controlled by the Republican-majority. So now is a convenient time to be up in arms.


No one 1st degree. They should be charged with capital murder. You know, murder during the commission of a robbery.

Joseph George for Neabsco District

The difference between capital murder and first degree murder is minimal; capital murder IS first degree murder, if the state allows the death penalty. First degree murder is a type of murder that is both intentional and premeditated, such as when the perpetrator plans to kill the victim and succeeds.

I'm sorry if you're not following that under the circumstances, second degree murder is the highest charge they can realistically go for.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Exactly, Bigfoot. For years, we had a prosecutor whose only goals were to enforce the law and to protect the community. A democrat.

Now, we have bought and paid for Soros and Bloomberg (he brags about it) "progressives" bent upon the destruction of the Nation and the seizing of power over the rubble left behind.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Shame on you, for your indifference, and your ignorance.


2nd Degree? Are you freaking kidding me? Nice job residents of PWC. These killers should face the death penalty but your newly elected commonwealth attorney is a stinking liberal and will be easy on criminals. As is evident here. This murder was done during the commission of a violent felony and she is only charging 2nd Degree Murder. This is outrageous.

Bigfoot, look up the definition of first degree and second degree murders and you’ll see that this is the proper charge. When you overcharge a defendant, they are more likely to be acquitted. Then you’d really be upset (and try to blame it on the Dems).

Comment deleted.

Sorry to get you all fired up sweetheart. The most common separates murder into two degrees (first and second degree murder), and treats voluntary and involuntary manslaughter as separate crimes that do not constitute murder. First-degree murder: Any intentional murder that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought. The prosecution has to prove without a shadow of a doubt that they entered that restaurant with the intent to kill someone. If the prosecutor is unable to prove that, then they both walk. Someone is dead and they both walk. Charging them with second degree murder, they will spend the majority (if not all) of their life behind bars. Here endth the lesson.


i guess this is what prospective elected officials call "winning hearts and minds"


Sorry but you have no idea on this. No one ever said 1st degree.

Comment deleted.
Patrick Fitztom

I looked up the definition and that's not something they could conceivably be charged with, unless there's proof somewhere of them beginning the evening saying, "Hey let's go murder an uber driver at the Waffle House."


not withstanding joey's snarky progressive commentary. there is probably some debate on premeditation which would preclude the capital murder charge. they have them dead to rights on 2nd degree murder and have the opportunity to jack the sentence up on the robbery AND murder charge. they are being careful, it would be a difficult case to make for capital because you would have to prove all elements of the crime. if you cannot provide they intented to murder that ONE person, then it's out. it sucks, but that's the way the statute is written. these guys are not walking anytime soon and based on their records, they'll like reoffend in prison.


Joe, These folks are die-hard Trump deplorables and don't understand anything. They want their weapons, but don't understand that NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE THEM. They are ignorant to true facts and will just argue with you without having a clue on anything but racism and bigotry. They know that wall is not being built and Mexico will never pay for it When you are "poorly educated" as Trump the draft dodger says about them they will believe everything that is not true and will never fact-check for themselves.

Patrick Fitztom

All the Trumpanzees in this thread are like characters from an Onion story. "Local man passionate defender of what he believes the law is."


Neither of the suspects should ever see the light of day, if the death penalty is not on the table.


The culture of violence continues. They will be some men's girlfriends in prison.


Prince William ca wants to reforms these 2 and put them back on the street they dont seem that bad

Tom Fitzpatrick

So, this is Virginia, today.

Laws being advanced and likely to be enacted to unconstitutionally make it a CRIME to criticize government and its members.

But, in the course of a crime spree, shoot one person who is sitting on the floor and cooperating, then shoot another and kill him while he is holding the door open, and give them a pass.

The only silver lining is that people like Joe think he has seized upon a platform to address his base. When, in fact, his vile, base words and actions are thrust under the harsh glare of the spotlight, by himself.

Neat trick, getting the cockroaches to come out and identify themselves.

#1 - I’ve got a base? 🤣🤣🤣

#2 - I’m sorry that you’re unable to understand or accept why they are charged with what they are charged with, especially since these laws have been created by the Conservative-controlled General Assembly.

Sorry Tom!


i think there is a base, might be at your mom's though. everyone still calls her home

Not PWC, so a moot point. Thanks for the compliment though.


Uncalled for. No need to be so immature.


Really? Responding with "sweetheart" on here?

Tom Fitzpatrick

Minor charged with 1st degree murder and using a firearm in the commission of a felony. https://www.fredericksburg.com/news/crime_courts/teen-charged-with-first-degree-murder-in-fatal-king-george/article_a32b1db2-088c-5ed4-93b6-7bbce841dbf2.html

Patrick Fitztom

LOL, that sounds like some pretty fake news right there, buddy. I'd love to know where you got the nonsense about it being a crime to criticize the government.

Tom Fitzpatrick

No buddy of mine would be that ignorant. Check it out.


This is the most disgusting report I have ever read and all those involved in letting these 2 demons go free has no soul. So I can go kill and rob and walk ? Hmm ? Okay !!

No one said they are going to walk. If they are charged with 1st degree murder, they will get acquitted, but they will get them on 2nd degree murder, and a long sentence.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Minor charged with 1st degree murder and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.


Seems like the prosecutor has something on the case, such as the juvenile shooter has knowledge of the decreased and had the intent to kill. Congrats Tom, you found a textbook definition of 1st degree murder. Make sure you follow the case and see if it’s plead down.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Wow, Joseph. What article did you read? Or, like Schiff, do you just make up your "facts" as you go along?

It's called speculation, something that you've very good at Tom. When information is missing, you fill in the gaps based on experience and history, some are more realistic than others. Based off this report, why is King George's County going with 1st degree murder? Did the shooter know the deceased? It doesn't say. Did the shooter know either of the other two victims? It doesn't say. Does the shooter have a violent history in the neighborhood or elsewhere? It doesn't say. Did the shooter make threats prior to engaging in the attack? It doesn't say.

All you did was take a headline where a shooter was charged with 1st degree murder.....great job....now what? Based on the details of the case that have yet to be established and/or released, this matter can go a number of directions, to include a plea deal for a lesser sentence, an acquittal for lack of evidence, life imprisonment, or the death penalty. You can play Keyboard Prosecutor/Defender, but ultimately, there's many facts to this case that has not been reported on and won't be until the trial.


Virginia Code § 18.2-31 defines what can be considered a capital murder as a willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing of a person under many, but specifically the following circumstance:

Murder in the commission of a robbery. The shooter willfully, deliberately, and premeditatively carried a gun to commit this robbery and shot 2 people in the chest, causing the death of one. Center mass gunshots are not meant to wound but are only meant to kill. If this crime does not rise to the level of capital murder I’m not sure what does. Amy Ashworth’s office should be ashamed of itself for taking the easy way out.

Your definition of “premeditated” is not going to match up with all 12 jurors in the jury box, but it’s more likely going to convince 12 jurors that the charge of second degree murder is sufficient for this tragedy. Not taking the easy way out, but instead, charging properly in line with the law to get proper disposition of this case.


A great thread to demonstrate how lockstep supporters of both parties are generally a waste of space and breath. As are politicians from both parties. We need more options!

Now to the point, I think it would be very difficult to prove premeditation. Had the gentleman who was shot inside the restaurant died (and I'm glad he didn't), I think there would have been a much better case for premeditation. To shoot somebody sitting on the floor and complying with your requests requires a thought process to take place prior to pulling the trigger. That meets the definition of premeditation. Shooting somebody you perceive to be in your way as you flee a crime scene presents a much tougher case for premeditation. Just reality, unfortunately. Whatever happens, I just hope they nail them on every possible charge that they can, and that maximum sentences are imposed.

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