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Prince William police shot a man Thursday morning when he allegedly approached the officers while holding a knife. 

Identified as a 54-year-old Woodbridge resident, the man was shot in the upper body and is being treated at an area hospital for serious injuries, police spokesperson Officer Jonathan Perok said in a statement.

The officers were responding to a call of a domestic dispute where weapons were involved in the 4300 block of Flodden Court around 6:12 a.m., Perok said. The caller reported that she was in an argument with her husband and he had a screwdriver.

Two officers initially arrived at the home and the woman told the officer that her husband was armed with knife and a BB gun.

"While speaking to the caller, the husband approached the front door," Perok said. "Officers issued commands to him before he exited the home and advanced towards the officers with the knife. The two officers on scene shot towards the suspect with their department-issued firearms."

Officers treated the man for his injuries until a rescue crew arrived. No officers were injured during the incident, Perok said.

The officers involved will be placed on routine paid leave, he said. The Prince William County Police Department is the lead agency handling this incident and a criminal investigation and separate administrative investigation are currently underway.

In February 2016, three Prince William County officers were shot while responding to a domestic dispute in Woodbridge. Officer Ashley Guindon, who was working her first day on the job, died from her injuries. Ronald Hamilton was sentenced to life in prison in October.

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what a idiot hop this guy gets put away when he gets out of the hospital


To be so lucky. He will get an attorney and get off, as they always do.

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