Stonewall Jackson memorial vandalized at Manassas National Battlefield Park

Photo provided, NPS

A monument to Stonewall Jackson was vandalized overnight at Manassas National Battlefield Park, according to the National Park Service.

The vandalism was discovered at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, and preservation experts are trying to determine the best way to remove the paint, oils and residue, park service spokesperson Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles said.

A large quantity of white paint was poured onto the monument and the word "Dead!!!" was spray painted, she said.

Park police ask anyone with information to call 301-714-2235.

The monument was erected in 1940 at the site where Jackson first received the nickname “Stonewall” at the Battle of First Manassas on July 21, 1861.

The vandalism follows a contentious meeting of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors on Tuesday night. The supervisors refused to debate a resolution that would have supported renaming streets and buildings that honor Confederate military and political leaders, and Chairman Corey Stewart had the room cleared when people yelled out in protest.

Supervisors refuse debate on Confederate name changes; crowd thrown out of meeting

The incident at the battlefield is the latest example of vandalism at Confederate memorials after a counter-protester was killed at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in early August. The death of Heather Heyer drew national attention to Confederate symbols and has led citizens to call for their removal from public spaces.

The flagpole of a controversial Confederate flag flying along Interstate 95 was found vandalized earlier this week. And vandalism has been reported at a Confederate statue in Leesburg and at a Confederate memorial at a Fairfax cemetery.

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JJ Reynolds

Stonewall Jackson was a stone cold Yankee killer. In fact he was so fearsome that in the spring of 1862 (before he whooped the Yankees for a 2nd time at Manassas) and when the Union army was within eyesight of Richmond and about to take Richmond - when the Federals heard that Stonewall had been unleashed on them they fled for their lives back down the peninsula. The war then continued for another three years.

Yup. Stonewall was a killer. Considered the best general on the entire planet from mid-1861 to mid-1863.

Martin Geter

...they still lost[yawn]

Leroy Brown

so did Hillary :)


I would expect effective general to be a killer.


This country needs to get control of things again or acts like these will never stop...I say... Liberals...if something bothers you? Oh well! LIVE WITH IT!! Liberals...we're not removing anything that has to do with history. Don't like it? LIVE WITH IT!! Liberals...We're NOT going to open our boarders to anyone until a complete background check is done (which YOU will pay for NOT us) on every person coming in. Liberals...We WILL NOT CHANGE SCHOOL NAMES because YOU don't like them..Above all Liberals...You will STAND during the Pledge of Allegiance and if you're caught desecrating the American flag in any way? YOU WILL GO TO PRISON!! I do hope they catch the Liberals responsible for this BS act of vandalism and make them pay...

Martin Geter

Dont like the fact that you cant force anyone to stand during the pledge..LIVE WITH IT...Dont like the fact that desecration of the flag (most examples) is protected by the constitution...LIVE WITH IT....


And that goes for you too ..If you don't like it... Pack and leave..or LIVE WITH IT!!

Martin Geter

Do you even realize how hypocritcal you are? You are advocating forcing people to stand for the flag, even though there are no laws requiring insist that people should be inprisoned for desecrating the flag...and laws against it. Obviously you have issues with both....thus, if you dont like the way it is with either, why dont you practice what you preach and leave, or deal with it.

Robert Austin

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, many other founding fathers are under fire. This is not going to stop with just Confederate monuments. Not even close. ANYTHING the left deems offensive to their sensitivities is a target.


The Liberals and Antifa will stop at nothing short of a ban on all history prior to January 19th 2009. Kinda sounds what the Daesh have been doing to historical objects and cities in the Middle East.

Martin Geter

Why all the slavery-centric assumptions and yoi dont even know who the perp is or why they did it. I imagine these senseless posts will stop once the id of the vandal is revealed...much like the incident in Dumfries a few weeks ago.


Yet another liberal criminal act committed by liberals who can’t defend their position in a civilized manner and on merit. BTW, slavery wasn’t introduced or instituted by Americans in North America; look to Europe for the real culprits. So I imagine the next step on the slope is to rename all of the towns, cities, counties, roads, etc that are named after Europeans? While we’re at it, we should also recognize that today’s African Americans as well as Central and South Americans are descended from countries with slavery histories in addition to modern slavery. Therefore, all related statues and monuments must be taken down, roads renamed, etc. There, that should fix everything!

Tom Manson

This was an ignorant act targeting a statue and memorial on a National Battlefield. Not a public square or park. A battlefield where the man earned his nickname. Sad reflection on the lack of knowledge and understanding of the difference.


Weren't most if not all slaves brought here captured and sold by other black Africans? This is disgraceful, and I'm not a racist because I disagree with these acts.

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