A Potomac Middle School teacher is accused of shoving a 13-year-old student to the ground during an argument in the hallway of the Dumfries-area school last month.

The boy was not injured, but the teacher is now facing a charge of assault and battery, Prince William County police announced Thursday.

David Schaller, 55, of Stafford, was charged and released on a court summons Wednesday, police spokesperson Officer Renee Carr said.

Schaller is identified by the school division as a member of the science department staff at Potomac Middle.

According to police, Shaller and a student were arguing over a confiscated phone in the hallway of the school at 3130 Panther Pride Drive on Jan. 16.

Carr said the student attempted to retrieve the phone and, during the encounter, Schaller allegedly shoved the boy, causing him to fall to the ground.

The incident was jointly investigated with Child Protective Services, Carr said.

A court date was pending.

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As the article reads "Student wasn't supposed to have a phone and attacked the teacher ". Why are there charges being filed against the teacher? Sounds like the kid isn't used to being disciplined by his parents.


yep who would want to be a teacher


In today's society, the kids are always right. And that is why we are having problems with the kids today. They don't know what respect means. And why we are losing great teachers. That kid needs detention and should be banned from having a cell phone on school property. I'm sure there are rules when kids can use their phones and when they cannot follow the rules - take the phone for a week and if they still cannot follow the rules - then they don't need a phone at school. ANd I'm sure someone is going to complain about this post - but school is for learning.


It should not only be the school's responsibility to discipline the child. But the child's parents/guardians as well. A teacher is now in trouble because a parent can't keep their child under control. Have the parent take off a week of work and babysit the child. Why is it only the teacher being reprimanded? Go after the parent too.


Big difference between "then and now." If I got in trouble at school it seemed like days waiting for my dad to get home and inflict punishment. Now the first reaction is for parents to run to the school and confront the teacher and principal, because it couldn't possibly be my child's fault.

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