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Prince William police have identified the two people who died following a wreck early Saturday in Gainesville. 

James Edward Beach II, 41, of Gainesville, died at the scene. Shannon Nicole Meyer, 22, of Bristow, was taken to an area hospital, where she died, police spokesperson Sgt. Jonathan Perok said.

Beach was driving a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R around 5:09 a.m. heading south on Lee Highway near Heathcote Boulevard when he reportedly sped through a red light at the intersection with the off-ramp from Interstate 66 and struck a 2010 Toyota Highlander.

Both riders were thrown from the bike. The driver of the Highlander, a 63-year-old Centreville resident, was not injured.


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"Prince William County police say the bike's operator was traveling south on Lee Highway when the motorcycle collided with a 2010 Toyota SUV that traveling west on Heathcote Boulevard."

Something doesn't add up right.

The roads at the intersection of Lee Highway (U.S. Route 29) and Heathcote Boulevard are perpendicular to each other. Rt 29 heads in a southern western direction while Heathcoat Boulvard heads in a north western direction.

The way the police report describes what took place would indicate that the two roads were closer to parallel to each other than perpendicular.

This is important because there are frequent accidents at this intersection and there have been several fatalities too. Anyone who travels through this intersection on a regular basis knows the primary reasons these accidents keep happening.

It boils down to a few all too common factors like speed, impatience, inconsideration, recklessness, texting and inadequate and/or confusing road signs. What to do about all of this is for the experts to figure out.

But having ridden motorcycles on and off for over 60 years in several different countries I can say with reasonable certainty that motorcyclists normally pay much better attention to what they're doing than car, SUV and pickup drivers do. It would be rare for a motorcyclist to accidentally run into an SUV.

My guess here that the couple of the bike were headed for the mountains to enjoy the Labor day weekend. Their choices would have been Rt 29 to Warrenton, up Rt 211 to the Skyline Drive or straight on Rt.55 into Front Royal. Where or what the SUV was doing is hard to tell. Late shift going home or early shift on the way.


Nope, the couple was traveling at a high rate of speed on a Kawasaki sport bike and blew through the red light.


PW Times has updated story. Just a terrible tragedy.


It's not fair to speculate here. I see cars/trucks and motorcyclists doing stupid, irresponsible things every day. May they all rest in peace.


Another sad motorcycle tragedy...RIP.


Cannot blame the automobile driver when a motorcyclist blows through a red traffic signal. Stupid is as stupid does.


I agree with you

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