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A Woodbridge man faces aggravated malicious wounding and hit-and-run charges after, police say, an attack over a shopping cart left in a parking space at the Woodbridge Walmart.

Police say the suspect, after finding the parking space he wanted blocked by a shopping cart around 4 p.m., pushed the cart into the victim’s vehicle, starting an argument.

At one point, the man “quickly backed his vehicle, attempting to strike the victim and ended up striking the cart return rack,” Prince William County police spokeswoman Renee Carr said.

The suspect left but was later identified and arrested.

Peter Magner, 44, of Dale City, is charged with attempted malicious wounding, hit-and-run, reckless driving and destruction of property.

No police photo was available Monday afternoon.


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I understand the mans pain. Although, I do not condone what he did. It's bad in all the shopping centers, not just Walmart. People are unpacking their carts and leaving them instead of parking them in the cart return. It's terrible. People are so lazy!! They park in the fire lanes in the shopping centers, because they are too lazy to park in a parking space for fear they might have to walk a short distance.


Well said PJC. We find shopping carts left everywhere except in the cart return - Shoppers, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart. Lidl. However Aldi (across from the Dumfries Walmart) found a solution solution - make people deposit a quarter to get a cart from the rack - to get the quarter back they must return the cart to the rack. IT WORKS!!!


LOL. These comments are kind of funny. He hit some person's car with the cart (no indication that person was responsible for the cart being in the parking space) and then tried to run them over. I don't "understand the man's pain"--you get that batsh*t crazy over a misplaced cart, you've got some serious anger management issues.


Just park on the side of the building, there are always lots of spots there and it's actually closer to the main entrance anyways.


Yes, lazy patrons who are unable or unwilling to return shopping carts to there proper location is vexing; however this man proceeded to take an every day annoyance and decided to act in a manner which could have had more severe consequences. These actions are never justified. All it would have taken is driving to find a different parking spot, now this man faces several charges all over what? A shopping cart? At a Walmart? So much more goes on in our every day life to be pressed over shopping carts. Lets grow up people.


I agree with KET. 1. Anger is never an option. 2. Don't act like a child having a temper tantrum over a PARKING SPOT?! How does that even make sense? 3. And you wonder why people have started calling it Hoodbridge.... 4. We don't have the full and total story. We don't know if the person injured was the person that left the cart. Bottom line it's Walmart. There are like 500 parking spots minimum. If you do see a random cart not in the rack, put it there. Make life easier for everyone. Maybe someone will see and do something nice for the next person. Pay it forward if you will. Make the world a better place, not filled with hate and anger.


This is happening all over not just Woodbridge. Tyson area, Fair Oaks, etc. From what I was told, the suspect waited for the person to empty the card, so he could park his car. Well that person, left the cart in the spot he was going to park. He should of just drove to another spot. But, we have a lot of angry people in the USA these days and they are starting to "act" out. Wonder why!!

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