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Schools in Loudoun, Spotsylvania and Culpeper counties were among several across the state on Monday to fall victim to fake calls reporting an active shooter.

In Loudoun County, someone called 911 to falsely report an active shooter event at Loudoun Valley and Loudoun County high schools on Monday afternoon.

School resource officers and Loudoun County Public Schools school administration were informed immediately when the phone calls were received.

The Sheriff's Office and Leesburg Police Department quickly investigated and determined they were false.

Authorities "take all swatting incidents seriously, and the Loudoun incidents remain under investigation," the sheriff's office said.

In Spotsylvania County, someone called the Fredericksburg Academy off Falcon Drive at 1:30 p.m. reporting "that an active shooter incident was occurring at the school," the sheriff's office said.

Deputies quickly arrived and found the incident to be a swatting call. There was no threat to students or staff.

"Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic of hoaxing a large emergency service response to a location," the sheriff's office said. "This case will be thoroughly investigated to identify the person responsible."

All of Culpeper County's 12 public schools were sent into lockdown Monday afternoon following a hoax active shooter 911 call, targeting Eastern View High School.

"There was NO CREDIBLE THREAT to Eastern View or any Culpeper County Public School," a statement from Culpeper County Public Schools read.

Town of Culpeper Police released a statement on social media at around 2 p.m., stating the sheriff's office was investigating a threat, but that there was no credible danger. The schools were being put on lockdown until further notice out of an abundance of caution.

On Sunday night, the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office indicated it was investigating a “vague threat” against Liberty High School for Monday's school day.

The sheriff’s office said in a news release Sunday night that while the threat could not be “directly connected” to the Bealeton school, there would be an increased law enforcement presence at the school Monday.

A Fauquier County Sheriff's Office spokesman said Monday morning the threat was found to be "not credible."

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Cornelius Papadoupolos

This is not the correct use of the term "SWATTING". What is described here are prank calls. Although just as serious because it diverts assets and degrades the response readiness of our public safety officials, the term when you call the police on a particular person or residence to have a massive armed response sent to a person out of malice.

Tom Manson

Hoax active shooter 911 calls are precisely swatting.

Cornelius Papadoupolos

No they are not. You know googling would have taken less effort than you to write that completely wrong statement. But do you.

Fix Prince William

How can they not catch these people? Are they using VPNs? What a disruption and scare.

Tom Manson

Probably using a variety of simple techniques combined with VoIP CallersiD spoofing. Attention seeking losers.

John Dutko Re-Incarnated

More democrat terrorism campaigns.

Wayne D.

Want to sound like an ignorant MAGA? Repeat what this fool just said. John D. WTH is your issue? Conservative here and I am embarrassed at your comment so I am embarrassed for you.

Tom Manson

Useless troll. Afraid of your shadow.

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