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Three students at Tuscarora High School face charges related to an alleged sexual assault in the locker room earlier this month.

One student has been charged with sexual battery and the two other students have been charged with assault and battery, according to Leesburg police. The names of the three teenagers cannot be released because they are juveniles.

The teenagers, two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old, allegedly assaulted an underclassman on the football team Oct. 1 after school hours, police spokesperson Officer Sam Shenouda said.

A school resource officer was made aware of the allegations on Oct. 5, Shenouda said.

Detectives with the Leesburg Police Department began investigating the circumstances surrounding the assaults in conjunction with Loudoun County Public School officials and staff, parents, and the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney, according to a news release.

After a thorough investigation and a review of the findings with the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, it was determined that the allegations did not meet the criteria of hazing as defined in the Virginia State Code.

Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman Wayde Byard said earlier this month that federal law prohibits LCPS from revealing disciplinary consequences involving students.

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The parents have done a great job raising those kids and I hope the assault child's parents sue the snot out of the 3 families and bring them to their knees. Being juveniles, not much will happen to them but this boy will live with sexual assault from teammates forever. Then sue the snot out of the school that would allow this to happen. Prove to the country over and over again that actions have deep (and expensive) consequences.


We need to change the laws concerning disclosure of disciplinary actions to students. Those laws were implemented when the "crimes" were: chewing gum, spit-bombs, and skipping classes, whereas the crimes perpetrated now by students are really heinous crimes such as the one we are analyzing now. Disclosing the names and having a public record will have a deterrent effect in most of the population, thus reducing the incidence of crimes in schools by teenagers.

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