A 15-year-old girl was shot in her father's car Thursday evening following an altercation in a parking lot on River Ridge Boulevard in southern Woodbridge.

Around 6:15 p.m., the victim's father flagged down a police officer in the area of U.S. 1 and Cardinal Drive, saying his daughter had just been shot. The girl was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening, Prince William County police spokeswoman Renee Carr said.

Police learned that the shooting occurred in the 16700 block of River Ridge Boulevard in the Southbridge community. Carr said the victim's father and "an unknown group of males" engaged in a verbal altercation in a parking lot.

As the driver and the victim began to drive away, one of the individuals in the group fired rounds, striking the vehicle and the victim. The driver immediately fled the area and began driving towards the hospital where the officer was flagged down.

A police K-9 searched the area for the suspects who were not located. No additional injuries or property damage were reported. The investigation continues.


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According to the NRA and Trumpublicans.....guns save lives.

Not in my Hometown.

They do! I am glad you agree! People need to protect themselves from these type of thugs because calling the police can be too late. Glad you agree....


Ive heard that Potomac Shores, the upscale Jack Nicklaus golf course in the neighborhood, has advised patrons to wear flack jackets when playing for protection against stray rounds


That used to be such a nice neighborhood. A shame


guns suck

Not in my Hometown.

Wait until you need one....

John Dutko

LOL, like you would do anything if you had a weapon.

Not in my Hometown.

You would be shocked at what the general "good" citizens have hidden in there closets. Yes, I have many.


I guess they dont find it important to describe the suspects or their vehicle, media doesnt want to hurt the criminals' feelings i suppose. We have to wait until they kill someone

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