TJ graduation 2015

Among those participating in the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology 2015 graduation ceremony were (front row) Anna Tsutsui, Heather Lukas, Julia Dunbar, Helen Zhang and (back row) Kayvon Tabrizi, Danial Hussain and Coby Benheim. (Photo by John Lane)

Close to three-quarters of the incoming class at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology will be of Asian heritage, a figure in line with previous years, according to new data.

Fairfax County Public Schools, which operates the regional magnet school, reported that 486 students have been offered admission to the incoming Class of 2024, or about 19 percent of the 2,539 who applied.

About 72 percent of the incoming class resides in Fairfax County, with the remainder in other jurisdictions that send students to the school: Arlington, Loudoun and Prince William counties and the city of Falls Church.

About 90 percent of students offered admission come from public schools, similar to recent years.

Just under 58 percent of students offered admission are male; males comprised 54 percent of applicants, Fairfax officials said.

Among various racial and ethnic groups:

• Asian students represented 56 percent of applicants and 73 percent of those accepted.

• White students represented 23 percent of applicants and 18 percent of those accepted.

• Latino students represented 8 percent of applicants and 3 percent of those accepted.

• Black students represented 6 percent of those who applied; according to Fairfax County data, fewer than 10 black students were admitted, officials said, but they did not specify a specific number.

• Students who identified as multi-racial or “other” represented 6 percent of those who applied and 7 percent of those who were admitted.

Thomas Jefferson was established in 1985 to serve Fairfax County and other school districts across Northern Virginia that choose to participate. The selection process for admittance “involves a holistic review of each candidate’s semifinalist essay, teacher recommendations and student-authored information sheet, as well as consideration of grades and test scores on the admissions examination,” Fairfax school officials said.

A summer round of admissions, for eighth-graders who moved into a participating district after the start of school last year, will be announced later.

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TJHSST is a run like a private school, so take it private. TJ's alumni are wealthy people and raising the funds to go private would be no problem. TJ's alumni could also provide tutoring for students whose parents don't have thousands of dollars to prepare their children for TJ's entrance test.


Congratulations to the kids who got into TJHSST! They made into TJ because of their hard work not because of their tutors or their parents' money. For someone who is wealthy, they don't need to go to TJHSST. The wealthy kids can buy their way into colleges. For someone who can get special privileges and treatments when applying to college, they DO NOT WANT to go to TJ. They just need to be above average at their local school and they can go to colleges of their choice. If you look at the number of people apply TJ by race, you will see the fact that most of the TJ applicants are asians. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprised that more asians get accept into TJ. Why so many asians want to go to TJ? Why other races do not care to go to TJ? Because asians do not have privileges of any kind. On the other hand, their rights to be educated are constantly been taken away. TJ is a good school because of the hard working students. If you restrict the hard working kids to TJ. Will TJ still be the top US high school? Please give the credit to the hard working TJ students!

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