Chain Bridge Cup debuts

McLean Community Foundation trustee Ali Khazai, foundation president Janet Tysse, Langley High School activities director Geoff Noto and Langley team captains pose with the Chain Bridge Cup, a new initiative of the McLean Community Foundation.

Langley High School has been named recipient of the first “Chain Bridge Cup,” a new initiative of the McLean Community Foundation that will pit the community’s two public high schools in a friendly competition focused on athletic prowess.

The rivalry between McLean High School and Langley High School is a long-standing tradition in this community – and a big part of every athletic contest between the two schools – noted the foundation. Each year, student-activities directors Geoff Noto of Langley and Greg Miller of McLean have kept an informal tally, tracking which school has the most wins across the three seasons of all sports.  

Seeking to formalize the effort, the McLean Community Foundation will present the cup at the end of each academic year; it will be on display at the winning school for the year.

Foundation trustee Ali Khazai, a McLean High School alum, led the effort to organize the Cup.  

“Seeing the enthusiasm and the passion in these two activities directors, we knew we wanted to be a part of this,” Khazai said.  “I remember this intense rivalry from my high-school days, and hope the Cup will help capture both the loyalty the athletes have to their own schools and the affection we all have for this community.”

Team leaders of Langley athletic teams were treated to a lunch, where the Cup was delivered for display for the 2018-19 season.  

“We want to congratulate Langley on a great sports season,” McLean activities director Miller. “We are thankful to the McLean Community Foundation for its support. Our hope is to be hosting the luncheon at McLean in the very near future.”

The official launch of next year’s competition will take place at the McLean-Langley football game on Friday, Nov. 2 at Langley High School.

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