Langley student lauded for STEM excellence

Hana Abouelenein, a sophomore at Langley High School, was presented with the AAUW McLean area branch 2019 STEM Excellence Award at its 50th Anniversary Dinner on May 11. Shown from left to right are Myrtle Hendricks-Corrales, branch co-president; Mohamed Abouelenein, Hana’s father; Hana Abouelenein; Judy Page, branch STEM chair; and Betsy Schroeder, branch co-president.

Hana Abouelenein, a sophomore at Langley High School, has been selected as the 2019 recipient of the AAUW McLean area branch’s STEM Excellence Award, presented to a female student or team from a high school in the McLean area with an outstanding project in the field of Engineering presented at the Fairfax County Regional Science Fair.

Abouelenein received a certificate, a $100 award, and recognition at the branch’s 50th-anniversary dinner, held May 11 at the McLean Community Center.

Thes award recognized work done by Abouelenein on her project, “Creating a Neural Network that Differentiates Between Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Epithelial Cells.” She created a neural network, which is a set of algorithms designed to recognize patterns, that used data about a skin cell’s characteristics – including its width, height, circumference, and color – to predict if it was cancerous or not.

Abouelenein’s goal was to have an accuracy rate for predicting cancerous and non-cancerous cells of over 80 percent, and she was able to achieve 84-percent accuracy.

At the regional science fair held in March, Abouelenein received a third-place award for her project in the category of Robotics & Intelligent Machines, as well as a second place award in STEM from the American Association of Engineers of Indian Origin, in addition to receiving the AAUW STEM Excellence Award.

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