McLean AAUW salutes recipients of STEM student awards

Students who were recipients of the 2019 AAUW McLean area branch Math and Science Achievement Awards were honored on Sept. 22, 2019. From left are Carol Mournighan, AAUW branch co-president; students Tiara Allard and Angela Feng of McLean High School; and Judy Page, STEM chair of the McLean branch.

Two of the four students receiving the 2019 Science and Math Achievement Awards from the McLean area branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) were recognized at a Sept. 22 branch event, held at the McLean Community Center.

Angela Feng, who received the Math Award for McLean High School, and Tiara Allard, who received the Science Award for McLean High School, each spoke about their interest in STEM and expressed an interest in pursuing degrees in engineering.

For the last six years, the McLean area branch has partnered with counselors at local high schools to award achievement awards to female students finishing their junior year. Each award, which is funded through the branch’s annual book sale, consists of a certificate and a check for $100 for the honoree presented in the spring at each high school.

The branch instituted the awards to encourage young women to pursue educational opportunities related to STEM [science, technology, engineering and math].

The criteria for the awards include a demonstrated record of overall academic success, as well as a distinguished record of achievement in either math or science. Counselors at the schools manage the process of selecting the students.

In addition to Feng and Allard, Stephanie Bi of Langley High School received a math award and Belinda Xi of Langley High School received a science award.

For more information on the McLean Area branch, see the Website at


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