Prince William County Public Schools officials have awarded a $108 million contract for the county’s 13th high school, with construction expected to begin in early 2019.

Scheduled to open in fall 2021, the school is expected to relieve overcrowding at Patriot, Battlefield and Stonewall Jackson high schools.

Dustin Construction, based in Ijamsville, Md., was the successful bidder. The company is also building a new elementary school at 4060 Prince William Parkway, said John Pickett, estimator for Dustin Construction. The company is also working on an addition at Leesylvania Elementary, he said.

The 13th high school site, east of Limestone Drive and south of Progress Court, near Jiffy Lube Live, will include a 334,885-square-foot building, a stadium and sports fields.

Construction is set to begin in late January or early February, said David Beavers, the division’s supervisor of planning and financial service. That puts work on the school a few months ahead of schedule as construction had been expected to begin in mid-spring.

The high school is set to accommodate 2,557 students, instead of the standard capacity 2,100 students, to prevent it from being at capacity when it opens, Beavers said.

“I think the opportunity to expand the school is something that would allow us to provide clear overcrowding relief without running out of space,” Beavers said. “We worked with architects and came up with adjustments to the prototype to allow for additional classrooms.”

Patriot High had 2,678 students enrolled on Sept. 30, according to school division data. Battlefield High had 3,006 students and Stonewall Jackson High had 2,475 students enrolled this year. Patriot High currently is at 130.5 percent capacity, Battlefield High is at 146.4 percent capacity and Stonewall Jackson High is at 102.7 percent capacity.

School division officials are to decide boundaries for the 13th high school next spring and pursue the school’s name in spring 2020.

The school division purchased the site for the planned high school in June 2017 for more than $16.5 million.

The school is expected to employ 225 people, according to a June 2017 letter of commitment from Maureen Hannon, the school division’s supervisor of land acquisition and capital improvement planning.

The school division plans to construct a 14th high school set to open in 2024 and a 15th site set to open in 2027, according to the division’s capital improvement plan. Officials plan for the 14th high school to be located mid-county, although a specific site has not yet been identified.

The site of the 15th high school is not yet determined.

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Such wonderful news. Can Inside NOVA help us find out how much has been awarded to improve old buildings housing schools like Woodbridge HS? How much was been awarded for Sport fields? How much of that will be awarded to companies using crumbed rubber - which studies has shown as a cancerigen? (Use of crumbed rubber has been discontinued at neighboring FFX County, Airlington County and at least Montgomery County, MD.

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