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Students at Prince William County schools still have a few more weeks to enjoy this summer, but school division staff aren’t wasting a moment of the off-season as they get new classrooms ready and finish up renovations and repairs.

School additions will be completed this summer at Antietam, Lake Ridge, Minnieville and Springwoods elementary school, along with additions at Stonewall Middle School.

Crews are replacing an underground main water line at Gar-Field High.

Several school sites have been closed this summer as crews work on large “renewal” projects. These vary based on needs at individual campuses and can range from lighting and electrical rewiring to fire and security alarms or bleacher and locker replacements. The schools undergoing renewal include Beville and Rippon middle schools and Leesylvania, Marshall, Montclair, Mountain View and Old Bridge elementary schools.


Several projects will be completed this summer at Osbourn Park High, including outside door replacement, abatement of the upper cafeteria and roof and brick repairs. Other repairs and improvements include a storage building outside the driver training area, the library carpet, auditorium sound system and projector screen, gym floor and second floor staff bathroom.

Floor tile in certain classrooms will be replaced at Brentsville High School.

A partition wall will be replaced at Freedom High, and the driver’s education lot will be repainted at Gar-Field High.

Hylton High will install a storage building and new lighting at the football field. Battlefield High will have a chiller repaired.

Crews will sand and refinish the gym floor at Patriot High. The boiler will be replaced at Potomac High.

Stonewall Jackson High will see abatement of the upper cafeteria, brick repair and outside door replacement.

Woodbridge High will have an abatement of the former driver’s education room and add HVAC to the orchestra pit and expand the the weight room.

Brentsville High will also have carpeting, tile and painting repairs as part of the county’s rotating maintenance program.

Rooftop HVAC units will be replaced at Fred Lynn and Parkside middle schools.

The girl’s locker room will be upgraded and ballfield access will be improved at Graham Park Middle School.

The carpeting and tile will be repaired or replaced at Benton and Parkside middle schools.

Roof replacement is underway at Belmont, Marumsco Hills and Potomac View elementary schools.

Chiller replacement is planned at Cedar Point and Mary Williams elementary schools.

Ballfield lighting will be added at Tyler Elementary School and Victory Elementary will see a kitchen HVAC addition.

Mountain View Elementary School is getting a new overflow parking lot.

Fresh carpeting and tile replacement and painting is planned at Buckland Mills, Coles, Dumfries, Pattie, Potomac View, Rosa Parks, Signal Hill, Triangle and Vaughan elementary schools.

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