Prince William County's 13th high school

Prince William County Public Schools is looking for a name for the county’s 13th high school, currently under construction near Jiffy Lube Live amphitheater in Bristow and expected to open in fall 2021.

The School Board Naming Committee held a virtual public meeting May 12 to gather suggestions and have released the 27 names they have so far.

Those who wish to submit a written public statement about their suggested name for the “13th” High School may do so before May 19. Please email

Those wishing to make a verbal statement may call the PWCS Office of Facilities Services at 703-791-7312 by Tuesday, May 19, to leave a voicemail.

Some of the names are people nationally recognized with historical significance. Some of the names are geographic — Bristow, Bull Run and Gainesville made the list.

Others are names of local people, including Ashley Guindon, the Prince William County police officer who was killed on her first day on duty in 2016.

Paul Ebert was another suggestion. He served as the county’s commonwealth’s attorney for more than 50 years before retiring at the end of 2019.

And Sheriff Glen Hill, who has served as Prince William County Sheriff since 2004.

Here’s the list so far of 13th High School name suggestions: 

  • Annie Snyder
  • Asbury
  • Ashley Guindon
  • Blue Ridge
  • Bristow
  • Bull Run
  • Cannon-Scott
  • Cardinal
  • Clara Barton
  • Commonwealth
  • Dogwood
  • Gainesville
  • George Peabody
  • Glendell Hill
  • Helen Keller
  • Horace Mann
  • James Monroe
  • Joyce Russell Terrell
  • Lillian Orlich
  • Macrae
  • Manahoac
  • Middle Grounds
  • Old Dominion
  • Paul Ebert
  • Pavany
  • The Piedmont
  • Thomas Brawner Gaines

The Naming Committee includes School Board Chair Babur Lateef and board members Adele Jackson, Brentsville, and Jennifer Wall, Gainesville.

The Naming Committee’s recommendations will be presented to the board at its meeting May 20, and the board will vote on the name June 10.

There will be opportunities for community members to speak at both school board meetings before the board votes on the naming.

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They should name it David Robinson HS. Their mascot could be the the Admirals. Robinson is an OPHS graduate and has represented PWC extremely well since graduating almost 40 years ago. He graduated from the US Naval Academy and served as an officer before becoming a NBA Hall of Fame player. He was the national college player of the year at Navy and was the #1 overall draft pick. He also won two Olympic Gold Medals and several NBA titles. He has also significantly impacted the youth of America through his philanthropic endeavors and his own foundation. Robinson is also a very successful businessman in the venture capital arena.

It's actually a shame that PWC hasn't already named a highway or something significant after him. He is the epitome of class and has been a model citizen and role model to young men.

Tom Fitzpatrick

If the School Board, the BOCS, and the School System are consistent with recent builds, I believe the building should be named accordingly.


Or, alternatively





That's hilarious this has to be a joke. I hope....


People are so touchy these days. Don't put a person(s) name on it or group of people. This way you will not offend any one group. And also, years down the road, if that person turns out to be bad, you will not have to change the name.


Probably just a drop in the bucket, but why spend all the time and treasure when it's just as easy to name it Gainesville High School and be done with it?

Tom Fitzpatrick

Simple is usually best. As is this idea.


Simple should be your middle name Tom


The second choice behind Manahoac would be just Gainesville High School plain and simple.


Manahoac High School sounds great, we need more names to honor the local Native American tribes.

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