The Prince William County School Board will vote Monday on renaming two schools currently named after Stonewall Jackson. 

In a second virtual meeting Thursday, board members heard more suggestions.

Most of the speakers suggested names while three people spoke out against renaming Stonewall Jackson High School and Stonewall Middle School. 

Arthur Reed, a long-time security assistant at the high school; Celestine and Carroll Braxton, a local educator and her veteran husband; Lucinda Griffin, a Black girl who was enslaved and shot during the First Battle of Manassas; and Ibram Kendi, a historian, educator, author and graduate of Stonewall Jackson High, were among the top recommendations. 

Celestine Braxton was a long-time educator in the county for 33 years who died in 2014. Braxton started teaching before racial segregation was ruled unconstitutional. 

Other suggestions included Innovation and Unity, as well as other names, including former Gov. Doug Wilder and Mary Bowser, a Black woman who was formerly enslaved and who served as a spy for the Union during the Civil War, according to the Washington Post.

Another suggestion was to rename the schools after Joyce Russel Terrell. She integrated Gar-Field High in 1961.

The renaming committee includes of Chair Babur Lateef and school board members Adele Jackson, Brentsville District; and Jennifer Wall, Gainesville District; and Lisa Zargarpur, Coles District. Renaming the schools will require action by the full 8-member board. 

“We have to find other ways to honor our history, including in our curriculum,” Lateef said. 

The stories of Griffin, Bowser and Russell Terrell, were moving, Lateef said.

“I think we have an exciting couple of days,” he said. “I think it’ll be an improvement of where we are now.” 

Adele Jackson said the county has a beautiful and diverse history. 

“We can’t pick every name,” she said. 

Jackson said the suggestions are fantastic.

“We have a tough decision to make,” she said. 

The renaming committee held its first meeting to receive suggestions for the school names at a virtual meeting June 22.

Stonewall Jackson High's name ‘a constant reminder’

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Corey Stewart High!


I know you are kidding, but excellent idea.


The only new names that have come forth are those of African-Americans. That's a bit racist don't you think? There are more Whites and Latinos in PWC than there are African Americans. Surely, you can add names to the running that are not one-sided? "Curing" racism with racism isn't a cure.


Localrider, maybe because just about everything is named after white people in country!


Well White people are the ones who accomplished everything in the country, so it seems only fair that everything in the country is named after them???


Renaming schools and roads is a bad use of public monies in these tough economic times.


The renaming committee has their work cut out for them, kudos and godspeed!


Don't use a person's name or you will have to go through this in another 25 years, when the person you picked turns out to have something negative about them. It might not be negative now, but who knows in later years.

PWC resident since '69

Thank God that is over, the dog and pony show that is. Now all kids will feel good about themselves, no mean names the gangs will evaporate, self esteem will rise as will graduation rates. Intelligence and learning will still be dismal and it will always be referred to as the “Old Stonewall” great job! More tome wasted on misplaced priorities!

Hal Haynes

So your logic is that we should never address any problem that doesn't fix all problems, and we should never bother fixing any problem that isn't THE most important problem at the moment because we can do only one thing at a time?


Disgustingly racist remarks in this comment section. People of color have accomplished a lot in this country and state, in addition graduation rates nationwide have soared and gang violence has gone down overall. Racism is endemic among Republican voters in this county.


Stereotype much? Most liberals do. They complain about profiling, yet they are the worst offenders. Endemic means it only occurs in that group, in your case "Republican voters in this county". That is stupid on its face since we have so much racism in the Democratic Party.


You are aware that your comment history can be seen, right? And that people can generate a profile based on your replies and inferences? I mean, here you are having a hissy fit over a name change of ta school that was dedicated to a traitor. And then you try to justify your words by saying that there is so much racism in the Democratic party.

Just stop. Pandering to other deadbeat keyboard warriors in a local news echochamber helps nobody and makes us all (collectively) dumber for having read your comments.


As I said before, I don't care what the name of the high school is. But, I do think the current Taliban-type destruction of anything dealing with racist Democrats from the past is ridiculous. In regards to the National Museum of the American Indian, I've probably been there more often than you. I love the expensive food in their cafeteria. But stick with your stereotypes because you are really good with them.

Old Kegler

What in the world is wrong with the review board?

Stop ! Just stop trying to appease everyone!

If you are as smart as you pretend to be, you have to know that to name these schools after someone will not make everyone happy. You should start by giving these two schools numbers, instead of names..

Prince William County High School #17 (or whatever #)

Prince William County Middle School #10 (or whatever #)

If you are so smart,and and think you are in tune with the public,you have to understand my heroes are not the same as your heroes......

Do the right thing,and give them ALL a real nice number.


fake_journalist, please do tell us about your white accomplishments beside killing Native Americans and stealing their land, racism and hatred, white cops killing minorities, taking credit for actual work that minorities do???



the invention of the printing press


the harnessing of electricity




the telescope

Putting a man on the moon and other space travel




the telephone

the light bulb


motion pictures

the phonograph

the electric battery

inventing the automobile

Pink Floyd

the steam engine

railroad transportation

the microscope

the US Constitution


the Internet

the discovery of countless medical advances

inventing the first major apps

just a few notable historical figures who were white and made history:






Julius Caeser


William the Conqueror

Marco Polo










Graham Bell






Da Vinci

Mark Twain







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