Potomac Shores Middle School

To prepare for the opening of the new middle school at Potomac Shores, the Prince William County School Board approved new school attendance boundaries Wednesday to help relieve overcrowding in middle schools in the eastern end of the county.

Approved by an 8-0 vote of the school board Wednesday, the new boundaries will impact eight existing middle schools: Beville, Fred Lynn, Graham Park, Hampton, Potomac, Rippon, Saunders and Woodbridge. Those schools have a combined 10,135 students. All middle schools are set to see reduced overcrowding in coming years due to new school.

The $64.1 million Potomac Shores middle school, which hasn't been named, will open in the fall of 2021.

Some students zoned to attend Potomac Middle and Graham Park Middle are reassigned to attend the new middle school, under the plan approved by the board, referred to in discussions as plan 2b.

Graham Park Middle is projected to have a student enrollment that is 24.5% over capacity in 2021-2022 without the new middle school opening; with the new approved boundaries, Graham Park Middle will be under capacity in 2021-2022.

School Board Member Justin Wilk, who represents the Potomac district, said during the meeting the new boundaries will eliminate 19 trailers used as classrooms. The division used 31 trailers in the impacted middle schools, including 10 trailers at Fred Lynn Middle, 8 trailers at Graham Park Middle and 9 trailers at Woodbridge Middle, according to the school division.

The new middle school is located at 17851 Woods View Drive near Dumfries on 52.52 acres.

Division staff developed proposed boundaries and created a 15-member planning committee, which helped further develop plans taking community input into account. Division staff held two virtual community meetings to receive feedback about proposed plans on May 7 and May 14.

The three-story middle school will be the first three-story middle school in the county, according to division staff.

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