Prince William County schools are looking to spend $10 million to purchase a digital device for every high school student.

School board Chairman Babur Lateef is requesting $5 million in emergency funding from the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, with the school division planning to cover the rest of the cost.

“I hope the Board of County Supervisors will consider this emergent funding to quickly help us provide high school students access to online learning and deliver a higher level of education in this time of crisis,” Lateef wrote.

The school board is expected to formally vote on the emergency funding plan Wednesday. 

Lateef is asking the Board of County Supervisors to consider the emergency funding at its meeting Tuesday.

“Our school division is at a significant disadvantage because we have not had the funds in the past to give each of our students a digital device,” Lateef wrote. “This has affected our ability to implement online learning during this emergency crisis.”

The district is setting up online learning programs for the rest of the academic year after Gov. Ralph Northam closed schools due to the coronavirus crisis.

Lateef said he is concerned that there will be a second wave of coronavirus to impact schools in the fall.

“If we sustain another closure and we do not have the ability to deliver online learning, our students will be at an even greater disadvantage,” Laftee stated.

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PWCS would like to spy on your kid with your tax dollars, truth is they already do.


Here we go again, planning to spend a lot of money! Did it ever occur that probably 90% or more of these students already have a digital device? So why give more? This is our real estate tax dollars you are spending !!!


You cannot use a mobile app for device already available? The money should be saved for food service and sanitation.

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