Prince William County Public Schools has rejected a request by the Board of County Supervisors to provide more than 20,000 private messages posted on Twitter, most between schools Superintendent Steve Walts and students. 

After a Freedom of Information Act request from a county resident revealed a handful of the messages from Walts account, @SuperPWCS, county supervisors made a FOIA request May 13 for the past 18 months of messages.

Tanisha S. Holland, equity and compliance officer for the school division’s human resources department, said in a response Wednesday that the messages were either protected by state code or withheld as part of the school division’s internal investigation.

“The requested material consists of 2,060 conversations comprised of 20,268 messages to and from the division superintendent,” Holland said. “All such messages, regardless of form or format, constitute correspondence of the division superintendent and, as such, are exempt from mandatory disclosure under 2.2-3705.7(2) of FOIA.”

Holland was referencing an exemption in the code for “working papers and correspondence” of the chief executive officer of any political subdivision.

She also said most of the messages relate to identifiable PWCS students and “also constitute scholastic records that are exempt from disclosure.” 

On May 12, the school division hired an outside law firm, Hunton Andrews Kurth, to conduct an independent investigation of the allegations.

“The release of those messages at this time may interfere with the investigation,” Holland said. “Once that investigation is completed, however, the school board may determine whether further disclosures on this subject matter are permissible and appropriate.”

In a statement on Twitter on May 7, Walts called the claims against him “a partisan and personal attack" during his contract renewal period. The superintendent has since deleted the statement.

Brentsville resident Guy Morgan filed the initial complaints regarding the Twitter account in March and early April. 

Morgan said he did not think it was appropriate for Walts to hold a position of power and to speak privately to students at all times of the day through Twitter. 

“I would imagine parents don’t know he’s interacting with their kids,” he told InsideNoVa last month.

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Hopefully all the supervisors will release all their emails and tweets to the public. We need to be assured they are not doing something wrong. We must search every nook and cranny in their lives for the slightest hint of something questionable.


It's B.S., the guy who is suing Steve Walts has long been a serial provocateur doing the same thing with the Patriot High School principal.

Matt Murdock

Regardless of who filed a complaint, it is clear that Walts was in violation of Prince William County School (PWCS) policies by privately messaging students without parental knowledge or consent. Parents need to be aware when adults, especially those in positions of authority over them in the school system are making contact with their minor children. There are too many instances across the country of inappropriate behavior between school officials and students, nothing wrong with an investigation to find out why Walts felt the need to inappropriately contact minor children within his school district without parental consent or knowledge. Regardless of the number reported that he made inappropriate contact with, even one is too many. Now school and taxpayer dollars are once again going to waste because Walts cannot follow PWCS policies.


They have power to deny a FOIA request? I'm thinking that denial is: 1) looking like they're hiding something, and 2) it's gonna get overridden at the next level.

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