Potomac Shores middle school under construction

The Potomac Shores middle school will impact attendance zones at 8 eastern Prince William schools when it opens.

Prince William County Public Schools will be looking for input on middle school attendance zones in the eastern side of the county during virtual public meetings May 7 and 14. 

The new Potomac Shores middle school will be opening in the 2021-22 school year, with impacts on the boundaries for eight area middle schools, including Beville, Fred Lynn, Graham Park, Hampton, Potomac, Rippon, Saunders, and Woodbridge.

The first virtual meeting will be held from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, May 7. Boundary plans developed by the Boundary Planning Committee will be shared with the public. The meeting will include more specific information about the plans, along with their implications for relieving overcrowding at the various middle schools in the eastern area of Prince William County, according to a news release. The Boundary Planning Committee will also receive public input on their proposed boundary plans.

Those looking to participate can find information at the PWCS website.

The Middle School Boundary Planning Committee’s recommendations will be presented to the school board May 20, and the school board will vote on the 2021-22 middle school attendance areas June 10.

There will be opportunities for community members to speak at both meetings before the school board votes on the 2021-22 middle school attendance areas.

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Ensure that you reach out to your middle school representatives and give them your preferred plan.

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