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A 26-year-old man climbed on a bus and walked into Stafford High School with students Thursday morning, according to a note sent to parents Friday.

School officials called the man "young-looking" and said that he was believed to be a student before a staff member eventually notified the school resource officer and the man was removed.

He didn't have a weapon and made no threats while on campus, officials noted.

The man reportedly stole food from the cafeteria before being removed.

"It is important to note that the entire incident was handled swiftly," according to the note to parents.

Superintendent Scott Kizner has called for a thorough review and recommendations for any security changes.

"It is obvious that something has to change in our procedures and implemented immediately," school officials wrote. "While this type of incident may be alarming, it is an opportunity to remind our students and staff to remain alert, exercise caution and report any suspicious activity in the schools."

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Since there are easier ways to steal food, I'm guessing he didn't sneak onto campus because he was hungry. He had other motives and I can't think of a positive one.


But it's important to note that "the incident was handled swiftly." What a bunch of nonsense. He rode the bus, got to school, mingled around and got some chow. How the heck is that handling it swiftly?

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