Virginia voters headed to the polls on Election Day and offered the first blistering rebuke of GOP politics since the election of President Donald Trump.

With most of the votes counted, Democrats were positioned to gain more than a dozen seats in the House of Delegates, including victories over strong incumbents in swing districts in Prince William County and other parts of Northern Virginia.

Scroll down for election results for statewide and Northern Virginia races as they are available.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam easily defeated Republican Ed Gillespie to become the state's next governor, and he'll be joined by incoming Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring.

All results are unofficial

2017 Elections: Virginia Statewide Ballot Results

Candidate Percentage
GOVERNOR ---------- 99.77% reporting
Northam, Deomcrat 53.89
Gillespie, Republican 44.93
Hyra, Libertarian 1.13
LT. GOVERNOR ---------- 99.73% reporting
Fairfax, Democrat 52.68
Vogel, Republican 47.24
ATT. GENERAL ---------- 99.69% reporting
Herring, Democrat 53.25
Adams, Republican 46.67

2017 Elections: House of Delegates results for Northern Virginia

Candidate Percentage
2nd DISTRICT ---------- 95.65% reporting
Foy, Democrat 62.63
Makee, Republican 37.30
10th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Gooditis, Democrat 51.9
Minchew, Republican(i) 48.01
13th DISTRICT ---------- 95% reporting
Roem, Democrat 54.59
Marshall, Republican (i) 45.36
18th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Shields, Democrat 34.34
Webert, Republican (i) 60.45
King, Green 5.08
28th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Cole, Democrat 49.68
Thomas, Republican 50.13
31st DISTRICT ---------- 96.15% reporting
Guzman, Democrat 53.60
Lingamfelter, Republican (i) 44.63
Larson, Independent 1.75
32nd DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Reid, Democrat 58.48
Greason, Republican (i) 41.41
33rd DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Walbridge, Democrat 45.09
LaRock, Republican (i) 54.76
34th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Murphy, Democrat (i) 60.91
Buford, Republican 39.04
38th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Kory, Democrat (i) 73.51
Haring, Republican 26.26
40th DISTRICT ---------- 95.65% reporting
Tanner, Democrat 50.26
Hugo, Republican (i) 49.62
42nd DISTRICT ---------- 94.74% reporting
Tan, Democrat 60.94
Mancheno-Smoak, Republican 38.93
49th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Lopez, Democrat (i) 81.29
Roosevelt, Republican 18.49
50th DISTRICT ---------- 93.75% reporting
Carter, Democrat 54.51
Miller, Republican (i) 45.4
51st DISTRICT ---------- 95.45% reporting
Ayala, Democrat 52.99
Anderson, Republican (i) 47.01
53rd DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Simon, Democrat (i) 74.34
Casey, Independent 24.51
67th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Delaney, Democrat 57.86
LeMunyon, Republican (i) 41.99
86th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Boysko, Democrat (i) 68.99
Shulz, Republican 30.85
87th DISTRICT ---------- 96.55% reporting
Bell, Democrat (i) 61.86
Kolla, Republican 37.94
88th DISTRICT ---------- 100% reporting
Aycock, Democrat 37.26
Cole, Republican (i) 52.76
Anderson, Green 0.95
Blalock, Independent 8.91

2017 Elections: Manassas/Manassas Park results

Candidate Percentage
Manassas Comm. of Revenue ---------- 100% reporting
Vannoy, Democrat 47.78
Waldron, Republican (i) 51.78
MP Comm. of Revenue ---------- 100% reporting
Wood (i) 51.68
Kirkland 47.68
Manassas Treasurer ---------- 100% reporting
Richie-Folks, Democrat (i) 55.04
Harrison, Republican 44.62

2017 Elections: Stafford results

2,226  39.81 %

Candidate Results
BOS: AQUIA ---------- 100% reporting
Roussell, Democrat 30.25
Shelton, Republican 43.78
Foley, Indpendent 23.87
BOS: FALMOUTH ---------- 100% reporting
Bundrick, Democrat 39.81
Bohmke, Republican (i) 59.70
BOS: GARRISONVILLE ---------- 100% reporting
Sellers, Democrat 49.68
Dudenhefer, Republican 50.01
BOS: HARTWOOD ---------- 100% reporting
Bell, Democrat 46.45
Snellings, Republican (i) 52.88
SCHOOLS: FALMOUTH ---------- 100% reporting
Breedin Chase 57.71
Hirons (i) 41.84
SCHOOLS: GARRISONVILLE ---------- 100% reporting
Yeung 59.07
Randall 40.41

2017 Elections: Arlington results

Candidate Results
COUNTY BOARD ---------- 100% reporting
Gutshall, Democrat 62.82
Clement, Indpendent 23.62
McCullough, Independent 11.87
SCHOOL BOARD ---------- 100% reporting
Webb 17.6
O'Grady 70.56
Dough 10.12

More local election results

(5) comments

Ned Netterville

The headline is a bit of hyperbole. It looks to me like the Rep guy won most of the state with as much as 83% of the vote in one county, while the Dem guy won so big in the heavily populated counties where many of the residents are employed as denizens of the Swamp who voted for Hillary, who are still seething about that loss, and whose job is threatened by Trump's campaign pledge to drain the Swamp. It is, btw, a promise he has no intention of keeping but the devastating effect will be the same for the eastern-county residents if he replaces Obama's denizens with his own.


This was a FANTASTIC WIN for the Democrats and the people of the Commonwealth Virginia. It was a rejection of hate, intolerance, bigotry, uncompromising and "party first" policies of trump and the Republicans. I look forward to an even bigger win in the 2018 general election and a FAIR, UNPOLITICAL redistricting following the 2020 census.


The quality of manure is directly proportional to the quality of the oats fed to the horse.

That is the lesson that Virginia Republicans have still failed to learn.

Every damn time they choose moderate, establishment RINO nice guy candidates they get their butts stomped into the dirt.

Virginia is overrun with liberals that came here from high tax states, minorities that know better than leaving the plantation and immigrants, legal, illegal and otherwise.

Combined they far outnumber the number of Conservative / Republican voters.

If the GOP has any hope of winning elections they must field strong candidates that can pull votes away from the Democrats or they will suffer a blistering rebuke of Virginia GOP politics like they did yesterday.

Notice I said rebuke of Virginia GOP politics not National GOP politics. Instead of crowing all day and night long that is the lesson liberal Democrats need to learn if they think that they have even dented President Trump's supporters.

Not even in their wildest dreams are Trump's supporters going to let the liberal Democrats force their garbage down America's throats. This especially applies right now to Virginia providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants. It ain't going to happen!

Star Man

"if they think that they have even dented President Trump's supporters"

You mean that whopping 37% approval rating from a few days ago that continues to drop with each passing poll? The lowest approval rating ever for a President in his first year that knows no bottom.

But it may not matter. With indictments already issued and more surely to come, Trump hopefully won't be around much longer to do his damage and the country can get back on track.


I mean that the unbridled Virginia (liberal Democrat) hatred of President Trump will not win a National General Election.

Ask Hillary Clinton what happens when that is all your party has to offer.

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