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Occoquan resident Teresa Hass, left, hands her spoiled ballot to Prince William County elections clerk Ralph Newell, Tuesday. The majority of the town voted absentee for a slate of only incumbent council members.

Haymarket Mayor David Leake appears to have lost his re-election bid in Tuesday's town elections, according to unofficial results.

Leake received 161 votes to Kenneth Luersen's 205 votes, according to the Prince William County Office of Elections. All results are unofficial until certified.

Ten candidates were running for six town council seats. The top six candidates were Joe Pasanello, Tracy Lynn Pater, Chris Morris, Marchant Schneider, Bob Weir and Steven Shannon. Incumbents Robert Day, Connor Leake and Madhusudan Panthi were not among the top six.

In Fredericksburg, Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw won re-election against challenger Anne Little, 1,650 votes to 1,190 votes.

Kerry Devine and Matthew Kelly were the top candidates in a three-way race for city council. There were two candidates for two seats on the school board: Jannan Holmes and Jarvis Bailey.

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Members of Occoquan Town Council stop for photos outside of Town Hall on election night, Tuesday. No opposition meant all sitting members will remain on the council.

In Occoquan, Mayor Earnie Porta ran unopposed, and there was five candidates on the ballot for five council seats: incumbents Eliot Perkins, Cindy Fithian and Laurie Holloway, as well as Jenn Loges and Krystyna Bienia. 

In Quantico, Mayor Keven Brown ran unopposed. There was nine candidates for five seats on the town council. The top five candidates were Rusty Kuhns, Sommoto Yomosa Dabney, Alice Toner, Earlene Clinton and Robin Langham.

In Vienna, Linda Jane Colbert won a three-way race for mayor, with 1,545 votes. Pasha Majdi had 1,172 votes and Howard Springsteen had 869 votes.

Seven candidates were running for three town council seats. The top three candidates were Ed Somers, Ray Brill Jr. and Chuck Anderson.

In Fairfax City, Mayor David Meyer won re-election with 2,446 votes to Mark Angres' 835 votes.

Seven candidates were running for six council seats. The top six candidates were Joseph Harmon, Jon Stehle Jr., Janice Miller, So Lim, Sang Yi and Tom Ross.

There were six candidates for five school board seats. The top five candidates were Carolyn Pitches, Toby Sorensen, Sut Sutterfield, Robert Reinsel and Jon Buttram.

In Clifton, Mayor William Hollaway ran unopposed. There were five candidates running for five seats on the town council: Melissa Milne, Regan McDonald, Darrell Poe, Stephen Effros and Patrick Pilne. 

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