Democratic Convention Biden Obama

Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama wave to the delegates at the conclusion the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Republicans Awaiting Theirs: The 8th District Democratic Committee on May 16-17 elected Cragg Hines as its presidential elector, who will cast one of the few votes that actually counts should the Democratic nominee for president win the statewide vote on Nov. 3.

Hines was chosen in a field that also included Jennifer Labach and Kellen MacBeth, as the committee held its convention voting “virtually” online.

While Democrats have their elector, Republicans will not know until later in the month who theirs will be.

Barbara Bowie-Whitman, James Glenn and Michael Maibach are vying for the post, with an unusual “drive-through” caucus on May 30 in Springfield.

Both political parties abandoned their tradition indoor conventions over restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 virus.

Virginia will award 13 electoral votes based on the outcome of the general election. Political parties select two electors statewide and then one per congressional district, although Virginia, like most states, is winner-take-all when it comes to vote allocations, with the votes formally being cast in state capitals in December.

The General Assembly this year considered, but rejected, a Democratic proposal that would have the commonwealth join the National Popular Vote Compact, which at some point in the future would see participating states award their electoral votes to the national candidate with the most popular votes. Critics have questioned the constitutionality of the arrangement.

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