Having been instructed by state election officials that voters can cast ballots in person (early or on Nov. 3) even if they choose not to wear a face covering, Arlington election officials are trying to find ways to accommodate every eventuality.

Much of the responsibility for addressing issues will be left in the hands of the chief election officers of each precinct, who are being directed to offer masks to those who come without them (some will be kept on hand at each of Arlington’s precincts).

If a voter declines, chief election officers are being advised to either push that voter through the process quickly, or offer the opportunity for them to vote outside in their vehicles.

But no one will be turned away because they refuse to wear a mask. “Every registered voter has the right to vote,” Electoral Board vice chairman Matt Weinstein said.

Reinemeyer said there hasn’t been a problem so far on the issue, suggesting that the “collective social pressure” of Arlingtonians is leading most to wear coverings.

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"Collective social pressure", lol, here we spent all these years telling people to resist bullying and respect individuality, yet here we are now encouraging the exact opposite. How shameful.


You don't even live in the county yet your on here commenting, this has little to do with bullying or individuality. Mask wearing and social distancing are the best of our limited tools to prevent this disease.

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