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In their first formal post-mortem following two early-summer elections, Arlington Electoral Board members and top staff said the results were a success and provided a road map for the Nov. 3 general election.

The elections went off “very, very smoothly” and served as a “good test for how we can do things for the future,” Electoral Board chairman Charlene Bickford said at the body’s July 29 meeting.

Bickford thanked County Manager Mark Schwartz and his staff for providing resources to ensure the elections came off “very well and very safe.”

The June 23 Republican U.S. Senate primary and July 7 County Board special election ran “very smoothly,” Electoral Board vice chairman Scott McGeary said.

Election officials were able to find staff for Arlington’s more than 50 precincts for both elections, but given the COVID-19 situation, many voters opted instead to vote absentee, either by mail or in person, during the days leading up to the elections. 

About a quarter of the voters in the U.S. Senate primary and more than half of voters in the County Board special election cast early ballots. That could prove “an indication of what’s to come for November,” said Gretchen Reinemeyer, the county’s chief of elections.

Arlington officials currently are working on setting up for that election, including recruiting around 800 election workers.

“We have a lot of recruitment to do,” Reinemeyer said. “We’re optimistic . . . but November might be a challenge.”

But after having juggled two elections scheduled within two weeks of each other, “we’re very thankful to only have to focus on one” headed into November, she said.

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Shameful. The School Board selection was via a Democratic party caucus where several thousand voted after making a promise to support the selected candidate. The County Board (of Supervisors) selection was by fewer than 300 Democratic party VIPs.

One of the School Board candidates was so harassed by the Democratic party faithful that's she's running for School Board as an Independent. The Republican candidate for County Board didn't both to campaign, The Independent candidate for County Board and her campaign workers were harassed by Democratic party ward heelers.

At least 10% of those who voted in both party caucuses aren't Arlington residents; they live elsewhere but use an Arlington address (rental property, parents' home) so they can keep their children enrolled in Arlington's public schools.


Shameful? Local media VIPs are well aware of one-party government's antics in Arlington but choose to be shills for the status quo in order to maximize revenue by going along with the program.

Allen Muchnick

It's truly shameful and hypocritical when someone posts here under multiple aliases.

It only takes the signatures of 125 Arlington voters to put Audrey Clement on Arlington's election ballots, year after year.

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