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Eager to avoid waiting in line while casting an early ballot? Try to avoid peak times and you should be fine.

“Wait times are minimal,” said county elections chief Gretchen Reinemeyer, with the exception of early morning and occasionally at lunchtime.

Other than that, voters have been experiencing waits of 10 minutes or less, and “most people are just walking straight in to vote,” she said.

More than 25,000 people cast early ballots (absentee ballots) in the four weeks after county election officials opened the main voting site at 2200 Clarendon Blvd., adjacent to the county government center. The first day of voting there on Oct. 18 generated long lines and significant wait times, but both dissipated in subsequent days.

Four satellite-voting locations across the county opened on Oct. 17 to augment the Clarendon Boulevard site.

When counting in-person and mail-in voting, more than 30 percent of Arlington’s active registered voters had cast ballots by Oct. 15, a rate that “is blowing others out of the water,” Reinemeyer said of previous presidential elections.

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John Dutko

Take advantage of the early voting. No matter what affiliation you are. Waiting until November 3rd, in what is turning out to be one highest voter surge in a century, would be foolhardy.

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