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Specifics remain somewhat sketchy, but the Arlington County Republican Committee is casting a net for those who wish to be delegates to the Republican Party of Virginia’s nominating convention.

Those taking part in the convention – scheduled for early May in Lynchburg – will cast ballots for the party’s nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Andrew Loposser, who chairs the Arlington County Republican Committee, said his body stood ready to support those wishing to take part.

“Though the process may seem complex to a first-time or prospective delegate, it really isn’t,” Loposser said. “And we’ll be on hand to guide you through it all. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for any Arlington Republican to participate in the nomination of our Republican candidates.”

A total of eight candidates are vying for the GOP’s nod for governor, five for lieutenant governor and three for attorney general.

Those wishing to become delegates to the convention do not need to be members of the Arlington County Republican Committee or any other Republican body, “but you should be a Republican in good standing and pledge to support the eventual Republican nominees,” Loposser said.

Participants do not need to be pledged to any candidates ahead of the event, and there is no mandatory filing fee.

Voting is expected to take place using a ranked-choice method, meaning those casting ballots can depart after depositing their ballots.

Under Republican Party of Virginia rules, localities are allocated delegate slots based on the number of votes cast for the Republican in the preceding presidential election. Under the formula, Arlington would be allowed approximately 90 delegates slots at the convention.

For additional information on the process, see the Website at www.arlingtongop.org.

Democrats will select their nominees through a state-run primary in June.

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