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The answer is “22”; but what is the question?

It took an average of 22 days between the Arlington elections office mailing out a ballot to voters, and that ballot being checked in as returned and then tabulated.

That’s among the tidbits from a post-election wrapup provided by county elections chief Gretchen Reinemeyer to Electoral Board members on Dec. 16.

A total of just under 60,000 ballots were mailed out to voters who requested them, by far the largest total in county history.

A total of 48,462 of those ballots ended up being returned and counted, while another 10,994 were returned unopened to election officials so the voter could cast a ballot in person (either in early voting or Election Day).

An additional 132 ballots were rejected for a variety of reasons after voters failed to respond to requests for follow-up from the elections office. (For the first time in 2020, Virginia registrars were allowed to make contact with voters whose mail ballots had been improperly completed; previously, those ballots had been discarded without notification to the voter.)

Like other election materials, ballots received late are retained – unsealed – for 22 months by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, when they are destroyed.

A total of 328 ballots were rejected when scanned by election officials, then were checked by two election officials. “If voter intent can be determined, these ballots are counted,” election officials said.

A further 130 ballots, many from overseas, did not make it to the Arlington elections office by the Nov. 6 deadline under state law for counting mail-in submissions.

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