Del. Hala Ayala is running for lieutenant governor. She announced her candidacy Tuesday.

First elected to represent the 51st District in 2017, Ayala is one of the first Latinas to serve in the House of Delegates.

“There’s a whirlwind happening, and in a commonwealth as vast and diverse as ours, we can’t make progress or heal discord without bridging divides — between our communities and our leaders, between our ideals and our realities, and between our past and where we’re going,” Ayala said in a statement. “I’m running for lieutenant governor because I believe my life experiences enable me to be a bridge builder so we can move Virginia forward into a strong, just, and prosperous future. I think that’s what our families want — someone who understands their experiences and can bring people together to make progress in their day-to-day lives.”

Ayala would be the first woman and first woman of color to serve as Lieutenant Governor in Virginia’s 400-year history. 

For over 20 years, Ayala has worked in national security as a cyber specialist under the Department of Homeland Security.

Ayala noted her work in the legislature expanding Medicaid for 400,000 Virginians, passing the Equal Rights Amendment and expanding background checks for firearm sales.

Ayala joins other local delegates with an eye for statewide office.

Last month, Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st District, said she is weighing a run for lieutenant governor.

Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd District, was the first Democrat to announce her campaign campaign for governor.

The three women were part of the “blue wave” of Democrats defeating Republican incumbents in 2017, and could be leaving three open seats in the House of Delegates that Democrats will have to defend in 2021.

Jennifer Carroll Foy announces run for governor in 2021
Guzman weighing run for lieutenant governor

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My favorite thing Hala Ayala has done while she is in office is yell at the staff of little Caesars in lake ridge. Remember she has zero qualifications and was working as a cashier at an Exxon Station prior to being a Soros puppet.

Joseph George

And yet and still she beat, not once, but twice, a person who’s looking to run RPVA. The Commonwealth is trending from light purple to light blue. Sorry that you had to hear that.


Interesting how her bio claims she was a cyber expert for DHS (actually the USCG component) she’s not poor, she worked there for 20 years as analyst. I had no clue about the little Caesar’s issue but I do know she does not respond to conservative constituents and refuses to answer legitimate questions.

Henry Howell

You have no evidence regarding the Little Caesar's issue, they aren't exactly known for good service either. Regardless, she put herself through school in the late 90s as a single mother working at Exxon. She has a BS in Cybersecurity and works as an analyst for the federal government. So she has the qualifications to be LG. Don't like the anti-Semitic nonsense about Soros, never see anything about the Koch's or Mercer's who donate even more.

Tim True

[lol][lol][lol] Such a blizzard of conservative snowflakes spouting their usual nonsense. But then truth and pragmatism don't seem to be strong suits for conservatives in the age of lying Trumpism.

Catherine Christine

Vote Life!

Lynne June

How ridiculous for news releases to point out peoples’ “color,” race, or ethnicity. These things should not matter at all to voters. What should matter is leadership, character, and stance on issues, not someone’s race, ethnicity, nor anatomy.


because that's all they bring to the table, it's pretty sad that a persons color is a prime element of someones electability.

Paul Benedict

White liberals love it when they find a woman of color to support abortion. Killing off almost half of black babies before they are born. You don't see them going after Hispanic women to have abortions; their goal is reducing black babies.

Sharon Fontanella

We need strong leadership. We need elected officials who will protect the rights and freedoms assured all Americans. We need leaders who are serving all Virginians including the rights of the unborn. We need respectable law and order protected from mobs and cancel culture. All of our hard won rights need to be protected and not eroded by identity politics. It is not about gender or the color of our skin but about human dignity and rights. Women need to stand against abortion and against the erosion of our rights including the right to bear arms for self-defense, free speech and the freedom to worship. We need common sense approaches to public safety and not cancel culture induced mob rule that fuels anarchist behaviors in support of socialist ideals. Stop the madness and stop the fear mongering. We need leadership that is not group think but what is best for Virginians. Pay attention, be informed and choose wisely.


yawn..she's got nothing to provide other than being a "woman of color"

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