Joe Biden’s acceptance speech shared at drive-in convention watch party

Residents gathered at the Prince William Fairgrounds for a drive-in convention watch party, Thursday, Aug. 20.


About 150 supporters from Northern Virginia turned out for the Democratic National Convention watch party at the Prince William Fairgrounds on Thursday, Aug. 20, as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden capped off the first-ever virtual nominating convention and delivered his acceptance speech. 

Biden was introduced by his children, Hunter and Ashley Biden, who characterized their dad as tough, principled, and honest.

Unity was emphasized as Biden took to an outdoor stage in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. 

“This is not a partisan moment; this must be an American moment,” he said.

Biden challenged Americans to tackle the four crises converging in a perfect storm: the worst pandemic in 100 years; the worst economic crisis since the great depression; the most compelling call for racial justice since the ‘60s; and the undeniable reality of climate change. This, he said, is an inflection point and a time of real peril and extraordinary possibilities.

“As president, the first step I will take is to get control of the virus that has ruined so many lives,” adding that we cannot get our economy back on track, and get our kids safely back in school until we deal with this virus. Speaking forcefully, he pledged to roll out a national strategy to develop and deploy rapid COVID-19 testing, and domestically manufacture the medical supplies America needs. 

Biden also took a moment to speak empathetically to those who have lost loved ones, saying he found the best way through pain and grief is to find a purpose. 

“In this dark moment, we are poised to make great progress,” he said. “There is only one way forward: a united America.”

Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st,who represents portions of Prince William and Fauquier counties, had intended to be a national delegate at the convention, and part of the National Leadership Council for the Biden campaign, but spent the final night of the convention at the fairgrounds with her husband. Guzman said the work has just begun.

“The next steps are to get organized and start talking to your friends, neighbors, families and co-workers about this election – the election of our life,” Guzman said. “You can still register to vote and vote early without excuse. You can still apply to vote by mail or show up and vote early or on Election Day. We are talking to the Prince William department of elections to see how they are going to ensure social distancing Election Day.”

The Republican Party will make the case for re-election of President Donald Trump during its national convention next week.

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Deez Nutz

Inside commenter I could care less about your thoughts.

Deez Nutz

Guzman does nothing but take advantage of Hispanics and use them as stepping stones to further her political career.

Henry Howell

You attack Guzman, but don't attack Vega who actually does exactly what you accuse Guzman of. You don't attack the entire RPV which has harmed the state for the decades they controlled it.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Elizabeth Guzman has displayed a fine example of just what's wrong with the Democrat Party. Her comment "We are talking to the Prince William department of elections to see how they are going to ensure social distancing Election Day.” Sorry Liz, Elected Officials don't get to "ensure social distancing". Or ensure anything, for that matter. You put out you're recommendations & the rest is personal responsibility. This is known as Freedom.

John Dutko

Glad you brought up the idea of personal freedom and public health. In the Supreme Court Case Jacobson v Massachusetts, the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court's decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.

Ultimately, the federal government deferred to the states to enforce public health ordinances and was codified in the 1970s for instances like the current pandemic.

Please dispense with the myth of personal responsibility. That is like the whole "pick yourself up by our bootstraps" saying... which is impossible.

Lynne June

Bean is about ready to bust a blood vessel, so I will not further exacerbate Bean and poke the holes in Bean’s “truth not facts.” Political Tribalism is right, CJE. Fact is, we do not have two quality candidates but I will be forced to vote for the one who has done more positive for this country, Trump.

John Dutko

Man, I would love to travel abroad, but I cant because Trump screwed up the Coronavirus response (how hard is it to listen to medical professionals vs the My Pillow guy).

Trump has failed to act and failed to advance American interests during the last 4 years. Everything he touched turned to crap. Everything he claimed as a victory was already done by previous administrations. Still waiting on the wall... Oh which reminds me:

Kris Kobach, one of the guys indicted for that stupid GoFundMe border wall and former Kansan Senate candidate, revealed that Trump knew about the operation. He revealed this in 2019. Bannon, Trump, and all of the others involved cant get their stories straight.

Poke holes in my arguments by providing links to your claims. Otherwise you are just as bad as Trump.

Everybody says it, all the experts are saying it, and I know one guy who confirms it... Y'all got played.


Political Tribalism? Twenty five years ago it was Bill Clinton, Fifty years ago it was Richard Nixon, Seventy five years ago it was Harry Truman....


Ahh sleepy creepy lil girl hair sniffin Joe with his sleep her way to the top kamala “Heels

Up Harris” - what a duo 😂

Change Craford

Trump supporters once again lying and deflecting. At least he didn't "grab her by the______ like Trump. This is why Trump loves his "poorly educated" folks like you.

John Dutko

And then there is Trump, thinking he could dictate sanctions on Iran for a nuclear deal that he pulled out of... Such leadership, much respect.

Or the fact that everyone in his inner circle has been indicted (or are about to be). Law and Order President!

How bout golfing? To spend taxpayer money to over $131 million on a $400k salary...

Hows that stock market? Are Trump supporters still living in their trailers? Hows that working out?

Bring on the memes!

Change Craford

You are spot on!!!! Ask any Trump supporter if he is a role model to their children or grandchildren and all you will hear is crickets. Ask them why Trump hasn't said or done anything to Russia for placing the bounties on the heads of our military members. Ask do they let their children bully and name-calling. I just don't get it UNLESS you are a racist/bigot. This is the only way these deplorables can stick with a pathological liar, racist, bigot, man who called then "poorly educated" and calls women nasty names.

Lynne June

Biden supporters grab at any straw and twist the truth again and again. How about Quid Pro Quo Biden, on tape? How about the dodgy business dealings in Ukraine and China by Hunter Biden? Trump doesn’t take his salary and he fired Bannon several years ago. The Democrats have been after Trump and his colleagues even before the elections.

BLUF: Neither Biden mor Trump are fit to be President.

John Dutko

Oh look! Another apologist! I want you to justify the money laundering that Trump has done via golf outings alone:

Stick up for your Dear Leader!

Next, tell me how it is OK for the president to share classified information with known adversaries. And if it is OK, when has it happened in the past?

And you are a fool to think that Bannon completely cut ties with Trump. That is like saying Manafort shouldnt be held accountable for his collusion with the Russians because he was found out and subsequently let go.

The "dodgy business dealing in the Ukraine" were debunked during the Trump impeachment. Nice try.

Man, you're right... he does "donate" his salary... but he still makes money off his properties:

And that goes against the emoluments clause in the Constitution (which you can read the intentions of the Framers here: And isnt it strange that Trump has repeatedly obstructed any investigation into his finances? That seems very odd for a guy who is supposed to be a "billionaire". A legit billionaire would be showing off their wealth, but Trump is a fake through and through, and a lot of people in these comments have been duped.

I love your last little bit. I will twist it just a tad for you: the Republicans have been after the Clintons and their colleagues even before the elections. I dont see over 170 thousand Americans dead because of the Clintons, nor telling California to "rake the leaves" to prevent forest fires, or throwing out paper towels to people whose homes were demolished by a hurricane (and then setting up kickback LLCs for FEMA money)

I want you to defend Trump. Defend all of his stupid quotes. Defend his malicious policies. Defend his racist dog whistles.

He doesnt even have a friggin platform to run on.


Last two mantras of Lexus Liberalism: 2016 - Talk like Bernie...Live like Hillary. 2020 - Talk like a Progressive....Live like a DuPont.

John Dutko

Trump 2020: Talk like a racist...Live like a Russian oligarch


Comment from SG Editor - Two guys who should be running to be on the board of a Florida retirement condominium.

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