Del. Lee Carter has successfully defended his seat in the legislature, defeating Republican Ian Lovejoy in the 50th District race.

Carter received 10,693 votes, or 53% to Lovejoy’s 9,333 votes.

Lovejoy, a local businessman and city council member, was looking to claw back what had been a safe Republican seat before Carter’s win among “blue wave” Democrats in 2017.

All results are unofficial until certified by local and state election officials later this week.

Local Democrats campaigned on securing Medicaid expansion. An additional 400,000 Virginians now qualify for Medicaid, with more than 331,600 people enrolled, including 12,464 people in Prince William County.

In other House news, Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd, defended her seat for a second term in the House of Delegates. 

Foy received 8,778 votes against Republican challenger Heather Mitchell, who garnered 6,743 votes, with 86% of precincts reporting.

Mitchell’s trouble finding enough support was evident in fundraising when compared to other more competitive races. Mitchell reported raising just over $70,000 since getting into the race, compared to Foy’s nearly $450,000 raised since January 2018. Foy has also raised $232,000 through her Virginia For Everyone Political Action Committee, according to election finance reports.

The 2nd District includes portions of eastern Prince William County and North Stafford. In 2017, Foy won the open seat with 63% of the vote. 

Republicans currently control both houses of the legislature by thin margins: 51-48 in the House of Delegates and 21-18 in the State Senate. Each chamber has one open seat.

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So the socialist keeps his seat. Wow! Guess he’ll continue to go nothing.

Congrats komrade!


You seem hurt! Lee is a good comrade and obviously the people think so as well.


Woo hoo! Can't wait for all the free stuff for everyone and no one has to pay for it!


This is coming from a tax cut and spend conservative. Balanced budgets have only happened on the Federal level in recent years among Democrats. The debt and deficit have only increased under the Bush and Trump administrations. You guys are not the party of fiscal responsibility, only the party of I got mine so too bad.


Wonder if we’ll get our Democratic free stuff before Christmas? 🤔


Manassas and this area will continue to go downhill like all the other democrat, socialists run cities. Look at San Francisco, LA, Baltimore, NYC, Chicago to take a few. The trends are all the same: homelessness, high crime, hate for the police, declining schools. Keep voting this way people and you to will live in a third world country.


Prince William and Manassas are doing fine we have innovation park and the Micron expansion coming. Not to mention a new board focused on moving the county forward. And by the way those cities you mention are major hubs for commerce, and crime has been going down for the last several years. Racial bias against black and brown folks exaggerates the problems in these cities.


InsideCommenter - might want to recheck the violent crime stats (murder and gang violence)

Racial bias? Can you back that statement up?


Here you go

Racial bias-

Allen Muchnick

Ian Lovejoy's sleazy and mean-spirited election campaign against Delegate Carter--featuring often-repeated attacks on Carter's character and past personal issues and wild distortions of Carter's voting record--as well as Lovejoy's nonsensical, empty, and contradictory policy proposals were soundly rejected by the voters in House District 50.

It would appear that Lovejoy's political career in Manassas is now just about over.

November 5 was a victory against sleazy and nasty political campaigning.


Allen - what exactly has Komrade Carter done?

Manassas and the 50th along with rest of PWC will become heavily taxed along with increase in gang violence (see Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria)

It’s a blue wave alright and all of PWC will become a Democratic swamp!

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